Burger Motorsports Wireless JB Connect Kit

Burger Motorsports Wireless JB Connect Kit

The JB4 Connect Kit (Rev 3.7) allows your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iOS and Android devices to connect wirelessly to your JB4.

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Product Description

Bluetooth your JB1 or JB4 to your phone!

The JB4 Connect Kit (Rev 3.7) allows your Bluetooth 4.0 compatible iOS and Android devices to connect wirelessly to your JB4. View critical engine data in real-time, datalog, read codes, change maps, update settings, update firmware, and more, all from the palm of your hand! The REV3 mounts next to the JB4 in the engine bay eliminating the need to run a BMS DATA cable inside the cabin. It’s compatible with all JB4 products. Just plug it into the JB4 where your BMS DATA cable connects, attach the power and ground wire to the JB4 harness using the included connectors, purchase the JB4 Mobile app, and you’re off and running.

Please note the JB4 Mobile app is available for iPhone®, iOS, or Android® and sold separately via the Apple® or Android® app store on your phone. This adapter is not compatible with the JB4 windows interface.

JB4 Wireless Connect Kit Installation

Step 1: Identify your board type




• Connect and control your JB4 tuner wirelessly
• iPhone and Android compatible
• Monitor your vehicle with a variety of live gauges
• Take logs to tune your vehicle to perfection
• Graph/email your logs to review performance
• Read/Delete error codes
• Change maps
• Change user adjustment/methanol settings
• Update JB4 firmware
• Custom gauge colors/themes
• Charge your phone while using JB4 software
• Made in the USA

1 review for Burger Motorsports Wireless JB Connect Kit

  1. Gustoovious@mac.com (verified owner)

    Super easy to install on the JB4 module, I can now make all my JB4 adjustments, firmware updates, and logging on the fly, and monitor live data using my iPhone. Especially now with the addition of a valet map on the JB4 firmware, being able to switch maps on the fly without hooking up a laptop makes this a worthwile investment.

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct

      Thanks for the review, we hope you enjoy your kit!

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Vehicle Fitment

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AudiA18X1.8T FSI
AudiA38V1.8T FSI
SkodaOctaviaMK3RS 169kW
VolkswagenGolfMK7GTI ED40 / Clubsport
VolkswagenPassatB82.0T 206kw
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