034Motorsport x AutoInstruct – California 2018

AutoInstruct prides itself in being the very best, from our products and customer service, to our website and do-it-yourself tutorials. We’re here to support everybody, from the individual enthusiast, to the industry workshops. As part of our continued efforts to achieve the best, we wanted to become closer with our suppliers, gaining a better insight into their businesses and their products. This was the catalyst for our trip to the United States in May 2018, and on touchdown we found ourselves driving through to Fremont, California, the home of 034Motorsport.

Founded in 2005 by CEO Javad Shadzi, 034Motorsport share similar passions as AutoInstruct, and this is key for us and our customers. They pride themselves in developing track proven, yet street friendly upgrades for any member of the Volkswagen Group. They test, build and calibrate their parts in-house, and this evidently creates the best products money can buy.

Upon our arrival, a little dreary-eyed from our long haul flight, we were greeted by Troy Sicotte, the Global Director of Sales. Troy showed us around their facilities, which covered a considerable amount of floorspace. From customer advocates, to engineers, you can find them here at the 034Motorsport headquarters. The walls are decorated in the history of 034Motorsport, and it’s quite staggering to see how the company has evolved since its inception. Article after article of published builds and results are testimony to their development of quality performance parts.

034Motorsport x AutoInstruct - California 2018

Luke, Troy and Cristian at the 034Motorsport Headquarters

After walking through the office we headed into my favourite part of the facility – Manufacturing, Assembling, Stock and Shipping. We were amazed to see the full product lifecycle in progress, with milling machines turning raw aluminium into gorgeous components that our customers fall in love with. Aisle after aisle of products waiting to be assembled, purchased, and shipped, it was quite heavenly for the enthusiast. You can clearly see the thought, effort and care that goes into every product produced by 034Motorsport.

034Motorsport x AutoInstruct - California 2018

034Motorsport Upper Control Arms in CNC Machining. Image: Supplied

For those local to 034Motorsport, you’re fortunate enough to have their high class service department at your doorstep. Here they’re able to cover your service, installation and custom build needs. We noted a few builds sitting in the shadows of the carpark, waiting to be hoisted up and transformed into weaponised vehicles. There was also a dedicated engineering area, where we were fortunate enough to see new performance parts that were undergoing R&D. I can assure you that the future is looking good, and we’ll be sure to share details as soon as we can.

034Motorsport x AutoInstruct - California 2018

A snapshot of the 034Motorsport Servicing Department. Image: Supplied

We returned on Day 2 to meet with the aforementioned CEO, Javad Shadzi. This was an important day for us as we are using this opportunity to commence our new series of “Under The Hood” blog posts, featuring suppliers and companies we work with, and you’re reading the very first post! Javad suggest we go for a drive in the 034Motorsport TTRS, and head for a few twisty roads up Mt Hamilton towards the Lick Observatory. We spent a considerable amount of time discussing 034Motorsport history, products and future. You can watch our video interview with Javad at the end of this post. 

For anybody that has the opportunity, this route to Lick Observatory provides a great view across the landscape, and an awesome drive to match.

034Motorsport x AutoInstruct - California 2018

Cristian, Javad and Luke at the Thunderhill Raceway Dinner

034Motorsport x AutoInstruct - California 2018

The 034Motorsport TTRS atop Mount Hamilton at the Lick Observatory

As part of our trip we also lined ourselves up to attend the Audi Club North America (Golden Gate) AudiTron 2018 High Performance Driver Education event. This was hosted at Thunderhill Raceway Park, and was open to all skill levels from first timers to advanced drivers. This day was co-sponsored by 034Motorsport, who were in attendance to track their vehicles and support their customers on the track. They also offered passenger hot laps, and we jumped at the opportunity.

034Motorsport x AutoInstruct - California 2018

The 034Motorsport stand at Thunderhill Raceway Park

Cristian found himself in the passenger seat of the 034Motorsport B9 S4, driven by a professional racing driver. Whilst he said the experience was awesome, especially with surreal grip in the S4, he did present himself rather pale and queasy in the end – He blamed this on the Thunderhill ‘Cyclone’ corner, which represented a sharp rollercoaster up-down motion.

034Motorsport x AutoInstruct - California 2018

A 034Motorsport professional driver gearing up for a passenger hot-lap 

There were a number of awesome vehicles on the track, and they extended well beyond Audis. A few of these vehicles can be seen below. It was great to see such a variety of cars being flung around the track, and we only wish that Australia had such an awesome range of vehicles.

New versus Old – There was a huge variety of vehicles on the track

Our time with 034Motorsport quickly came to an end after the track day, and we are extremely grateful for their hospitality during our visit. They are truely one of our favourite companies to work with – Not only do they provide excellent feedback and support, but they have an awesome range of performance products for every enthusiast to enjoy. We will continue to bring the 034Motorsport range to Australia for many years to come, and if you’re not already a user of their products, you should really consider some of their performance parts for your vehicle!