FN2 Civic

Manufactured: 2007 – 2011
Body Type: Hatchback

Models: Base, Si, Type S, Type R
Platform: FN2, Front-engine, Front-wheel drive

Engine Configurations:

  • 1.8L R18A1I4
  • 2.2L N22A2 I4
  • 2.0L K20Z4 I4

FN2 Civic Type R – Specification, Bulb & Fluid List

A comprehensive list of all light bulbs, fluid quantities and specifications for the FN2 Civic Type R.
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FN Civic Cabin Filter Replacement

FN Civic Cabin Filter Replacement

This guide will show you how to remove and replace the air-conditioning cabin filter from the FN civic.
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FN Civic Dash Cam Install Tutorial

FN Civic Dash Cam Install

How to Install a Dash Cam in your FN Civic
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FN2 Main Menu Guide

FN Civic Dashboard Menu Guide

How to use the FN Civic Multi-Information Display menu system
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FN2 Speaker Check Mode

FN Civic Speaker Check Mode

How to access and use speaker check mode.
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FN2 Civic Diagnostic Mode

FN Civic Diagnostic Mode

How to access and use the diagnostic menu within the FN Civic OEM radio.
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Universal Tow Hook

FN2 Civic Rear Tow Hook Install

How to install a rear tow hook on a Honda Civic
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FN2 Oil Change

FN2 Oil Change

How to perform an oil change on a FN2 Honda Civic
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Honda Civic FN2 Brake Removal

Complete Brake Caliper Removal

How to remove the brake calipers and brackets on your FN2 Honda Civic.
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