This short tutorial will show you how to adjust the handbrake in your Honda Civic FN. The handbrake can over time become overly loose, requiring you to pull the lever quite high in order to fully engage the handbrake, tightening the handbrake is a simple job that reduces the movement required to engage.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • 10mm Hex Socket

Step 1

Locate and remove the rubber grommet inside the centre console, it is directly behind the handbrake tucked into the side. To remove the rubber grommet, simply pull it.

Step 2

Put the car in gear to ensure it does not move and fully disengage the handbrake.

Step 3

Place a 10mm socket on a long extension through the access hole in the centre console and feel around until it is on the adjustment nut. Simply tighten the adjustment nut as required, test the handbrake as you go until the movement required is not excessive.

Be careful not to over-tighten the adjustment nut as you may permanently engage the handbrake. If the nut tightens completely and the handbrake is still loose, you will need to adjust the cable at the handbrake shoe or possible replace the cable entirely.

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