MK4 Golf

Manufactured: 1997 – 2003
Body Type: Hatchback, Wagon

Models: Golf, Cabriolet, Jetta, Bora, R32
Overseas Models: Golf City, Bora
Platform: VW Group A4 (PQ34)


  • Front engine
  • Front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive
  • Engines: VR6, VR5, 1.4 – 2.0 Inline 4 Cylinders
MK4 Golf 2.0 Spark Plug Change

MK4 Golf 2.0L Spark Plug Replacement

Introduction This guide will show you how to change your spark plugs on a 2.0L MK4 Volkswagen Golf Parts and
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Mk4 Golf 2.0 Oil Change

MK4 Golf 2.0L Engine Oil Change

How to perform an oil change on a MK4 Volkswagen Golf 2.0L Engine.
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Changing Volkswagen MK5 Headlight Globes

Changing Headlight Globes

How to change the headlight globes on your MK4 Volkswagen Golf.
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