AutoInstruct Pricing Policy

AutoInstruct is a small business, owned by fellow motoring enthusiasts. We created AutoInstruct to provide the motoring community with free, easily accessible tutorials and guides to encourage the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ mindset. As we continue to create free tutorials, we support this capability through the sales from our online store.

We aim to price our products the best we can, and as a result we’re unable to offer price matching or discounts. By providing discounts we are competing with our own goals of providing free tutorials and content that AutoInstruct is known for. These goals are simply not sustainable without the sales from our online store, and as a result the prices on our website are the best we can offer. You may occasionally see items on sale, and this is usually dictated by the manufacturer, not AutoInstruct.

We hope that the money you have saved from ‘Doing it Yourself’ can be spent on new and exciting products from AutoInstruct.