FN2 Civic Type R – Specification, Bulb & Fluid List


This is a bulb, fluid and specification list for the FN Civic Type R.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Socket Set
  • Phillips Drivers


Bulb List

Bulb Location

Bulb Type

Front IndicatorPY21W / 7507 / BAU15s 21W
Low “Dipped” Beam (Halogen)H7 55W
Low “Dipped” Beam (HID)D2R 35W
High “Full” Beam (Halogen/HID)H1 55W
Position “Parker” LightT10 / W5W / 501 5W
Front Fog LightH11 55W
Side (Mirror) IndicatorFactory Proprietary
Glove BoxT5 / 17 2W
Vanity MirrorFuse Bulb 2W
Front Dome LightsT10 / W5W / 501 5W
Courtesy LightFactory Proprietary
Footwell LightsFactory Proprietary
Centre Dome31mm Festoon 3W
Boot Cargo LightT10 / W5W / 501 5W
Rear IndicatorsT20 / W21W / 7440 21W
Brake/Rear Position Light (In Fenders)T20 / W21/5W / 7443 21W/5W
Brake/Rear Position Light  Bootlid (Cars w/o Rear Fog Light)T20 / W21/5W / 7443 21W/5W
Rear Position Light  Bootlid (Cars w/ Rear Fog Light)T10 / W5W / 501 5W
Centre Brake LightFactory Proprietary
License PlateT10 / W5W / 501 5W
Reverse LightT15 / W16W / 921 9W
Rear Fog LightT20 / W21W / 7440 21W


Fluid List

Fluid Location


Change Volume

Engine Oil5w40 Synthetic Recomended4.4L (Oil Change w/ Filter) 4.2L (Oil Change w/o Filter)
Transmission Oil Honda MTF 4 or Equivalent1.9L
Engine Coolant4.4L
  Clutch FluidDOT 4 –
  Brake FluidDOT 4 –
 Windscreen Washer ReservoirWater2.5L





Spark PlugsNGK: IFR7G-11KS   Denso: SK22PR-M11SS
Fuel Tank Capacity50L
Shift Knob ThreadM10 x 1.5mm
Wheel Lug ThreadM12 x 1.5mm
Factory Wheel Size18 x 7.5 +55
Factory Tyre Size225/40R18

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