In this guide we’ll show you how to install a universal rear tow hook on your FN2 Type R Civic.

Tools Required

  • Socket Set – We recommend Bahco!

Step 1

Locate the rear tow hook just behind the rear bumper. We are going to bolt the aftermarket tow hook directly to the stock tow point to ensure that it is fully functional.

Universal Tow Hook
Universal Tow Hook

Step 2

Place a bolt (and washer) in each hole of the new tow hook and line up the bolts with the stock tow hook. One bolt will be inside the tow hook and one bolt on the outside.

Universal Tow Hook

Step 3

Place the small clamping piece over the bolts as pictured.

Universal Tow Hook

Step 4

Place a washer on each bolt and hand tighten nuts over the washers.

Universal Tow Hook

Step 5

This step is much easier with a second person, while tightening the nuts you need to hold up the tow hook and ensure that it does not touch your bumper. Slowly tighten one bolt whilst holding the nut with another tool. After a few turns move over to the second nut and repeat, the idea is to tighten each nut evenly to ensure a firm grip on the stock tow hook.

Universal Tow Hook

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