This guide will show you how to access the Speaker Check mode within the OEM radio on the FN2 Civic. The hidden Speaker Check mode assists you with identifying faulty speakers.

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Step 1

Insert your key into the ignition and turn to Position I – Accessories, do not turn your key all the way to Position II as the car will not let you enter the speaker check menu.

Honda Civic FN2

Step 2

Hold down the ‘1’ and ‘3’ buttons on the radio simultaneously, while holding down the buttons push the PWR button and release all three. The radio will now display “SPK CHK”.

FN2 Speaker Check Mode

Step 3

Once in Speaker Check mode the radio will automatically turn itself on to a random FM frequency, ensure your volume is turned up. Pressing the ‘Seek/Skip’ buttons will cycle through the various speakers in the car as follows:

  • Fr-L
  • Fr-R
  • Rr-L
  • Rr-R
  • All

You should be able to hear audio at all times, if for instance “Fr-R” is selected and no audio can be heard then the front righthand speaker or speaker-wiring must be faulty.

To exit Speaker Check, simply press the PWR button to turn the radio off.

FN2 Speaker Check Mode

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