This guide will show you how to remove the cabin (pollen) filter from the FN Civic for cleaning or replacement.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • New Cabin Filter (Optional)

Step 1

Locate the cabin filter, for RHD cars it is in the back of the passenger footwell.

Step 2

Remove the filter cover by applying pressure to the clip as shown in the photo. Once the clip has released you must pull the cover outward and downward as indicated by the blue arrows. The bottom of the cover is held on by a clasp and does not need to be unclipped.

Step 3

To remove the filter you must contort it as shown to clear the plastic trim at the top of the footwell. If you’re reusing the filter do not worry about damaging it as it is highly flexible and unlike to tear.

Step 4

The old filter can now be cleaned or thrown out if you’re replacing it. Upon installing the filter into the car, ensure that it oriented correctly with the arrows on top of the filter pointing to the rear of the car.

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