Honda Civic (FD/FN) Steering Wheel Removal


This tutorial will show you how to remove the steering wheel from your 8th generation Honda Civic. Removal may be necessary if you’re replacing the steering wheel or having it re-trimmed.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • T30 Torx Driver
  • 10mm, 13mm, 14mm Socket Drivers
  • Steering Wheel Puller
  • Flathead Screwdriver

Step 1

Before removing the steering wheel the negative terminal on the battery must be disconnected with a 10mm socket.

By disconnecting the battery we avoid the steering wheel airbag going off accidentally. It is best to let the car sit for at least 10 minutes before unplugging the airbag.

Step 2

We now need to remove the T30 Torx bolts found on either side of the steering wheel. The Torx bolts may be quite tight from factory, requiring a fair amount of force to break free. Once both bolts have been removed, the airbag will be free.

Step 3

We will now unplug the airbag, firstly the plugs must be removed from the steering wheel by prying them out. Unplug the main connector by pulling the black tab as shown in the picture. Once the main connector is disconnected, unplug the ground connector (circled in red) by pushing the small tab downward and pulling apart.

Step 4

Now the bolt holding the steering wheel to the shaft must be removed, use a 14mm Socket to loosen and remove the bolt. It may require a lot of force to remove the bolt however, a breaker bar or impact wrench should NOT be used.

Step 5

The steering wheel is now ready for removal. Locate the two threaded holes shown in the photo, these holes will be used with the steering wheel puller to remove the steering wheel.

Step 6

Before installing the steering wheel puller, make sure the steering wheel and wheels are straight to ensure a proper installation when you place the steering wheel back on the spline.

The large centre “bolt” of the steering wheel puller must be placed into the steering shaft. The two smaller bolts must be screwed into the holes identified in Step 5a by hand. Once all components of the steering wheel puller are in place begin tightening the two outer bolts (13mm Socket), ensure bolts are tightened down evenly by swapping between bolts periodically. Eventually the steering wheel will be free from its spline.

Step 7

Unplug the white connector by pushing on the tab at the bottom.

Step 8

The steering wheel will now be completely removed. You can now retrim the wheel and reinstall or install a new wheel.

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