Fuel-It! Ethanol Sensor Kit – MK7 Golf R

If you’re looking to tune your vehicle with ethanol, running a dedicated sensor and gauge is a must-have, as it takes the guesswork out of reaching desired fuel mixtures. Fuel-It!’s dedicated ethanol sensing kits for BMW and Volkswagen make it fast and simple.

We installed their EA888.3 kit into our MK7 Golf R, with the aim of monitoring our ethanol content for an upcoming Stage 2 tune. As we also have a P3 Gauge installed, we hoped to utilise the analogue input to display ethanol readings in the gauge.

Fuel-It! Kit MK7 Golf

The Fuel-It! kit is very easy to install, with the most difficult part being the removal of OEM fuel lines, especially on the feeder line from the fuel tank. Due to the low profile clamps used by Volkswagen, it is quite hard to get a good grip and slide the clamp off.

Once it was eventually removed, the ethanol sensor was installed and the kit fits perfectly. We then wired up positive and negative power, plus the analogue output into the P3 Gauge.

Fuel-It! Kit MK7 Golf

Fuel-It! Kit Installed - Note, the position is slightly different between RHD and LHD vehicles due to the port injection rail.

After starting the car and checking for leaks, we quickly began to see ethanol content readings of E12 – E13, plus fuel temperatures via the Fuel-It! smartphone application. For reference, this was 8L of E85 in Australia, mixed with approximately 47L RON 98 fuel to achieve this number, perfect for my upcoming tune.


Fuel-It! iOS Smartphone Application. Also available on Android.

The reading was also mirrored by the P3 Gauge, an added bonus to quickly see content readings without reaching for my smartphone. This is done by simply connecting the analogue output from the Fuel-It sensor straight into the P3 Gauge analogue input, and modifying the gauge settings accordingly.

This will also work with any other gauge that accepts 0-5v analogue inputs.

P3 Gauge Fuel It

Successfully connected to our P3 Gauge

Overall the Fuel-It! kits are really simple to install, and highly recommended to take the guesswork out of ethanol mixtures.

We’ll also be using this kit to check and document ethanol readings in standalone RON 98 fuels, as these are often ‘bumped up’ with ethanol to improve their RON ratings, especially if the fuel has been in storage. Stay tuned for this in a future blog post!

Interested in a kit for your vehicle? We have Fuel-It! kits in stock now!