GC8 Impreza WRX – The Sun Rises Again

Born in October 1998, our Subaru Impreza WRX will soon celebrate its 20th Birthday, and in preparation for this milestone we’ve been stockpiling new parts to bring some life back into this awesome vehicle. Years of exposure to the elements, from both inside an out, have led to typical wear and tear. Fortunately there’s huge stockpiles of OEM parts waiting to be purchased, and we jumped on the opportunity.

Over the next few months we’ll be installing all these components, some of which are forming part of a major service, just prior to 150,000kms. We’re also using this opportunity to revamp the brake system for full reliability.

Parts, parts and more parts!

In the above picture we have a huge number of parts to install, as follows:


  • OEM Boot Lamp
  • OEM STI Shift Knob
  • OEM Shift Boot
  • OEM Gear Surround
  • OEM Handbrake Surround
  • OEM Sun Visors
  • Sakura Cabin Filter


  • OEM Wheel Nut Set
  • OEM Wiper Arms
  • OEM Plugs / Clips
  • Bosch Aerotwin Wiper Blades


  • OEM Oil Filter
  • OEM MAF Sensor
  • OEM Hood Liner + Clips
  • OEM Intercooler Gasket Set
  • Denso Spark Plugs
  • Bosch Spark Plug Leads
  • Sakura Fuel Filter
  • Cosworth Dry Air Filter


  • DBA T3 Slotted Set
  • Winmax W3 Pad Set
  • OEM Brake Rebuild Rear
  • OEM Brake Rebuild Kit Front
  • Goodridge Braided Brake Lines

Special thanks to the team at Tuspeed for supplying a variety of these parts. Keep an eye on our blog and tutorials to track the progress of our GC8!

WRX Roadmap:

  1. Underbody / Mechanical Inspection
  2. Bye Bye Brant
  3. The Deep Clean
  4. Rattle, Rattle, Rattle
  5. Parts Delivery!
  6. The MY99 MAF Sensor
  7. Let’s Talk Fluids
  8. Theft Prevention
  9. Go Fast. Stop Faster.
  10. Body Restoration
  11. To Be Continued…