This video will show you how to get started with your OBDeleven device. We will walk through basic navigation of the Android application, and show you how to program your vehicle using long coding and adaptations.

You can purchase the OBDeleven hardware from AutoInstruct – Click here!


20 comments on “How To Use OBDeleven – Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda

    • Nick @ AutoInstruct says:

      Hi Lindsey, you can download the OBDeleven app from us after you purchase the device. You will find a download link for the app on the emailed invoice and as well in the downloads section of your AutoInstruct account.

  1. Jefe says:

    I have an audi a3 the settings made to the car would they change back to the normal settings or would they stay if i remove the OBDELEVEN. Whats the difference between OBDELEVEN code only and diagnostic & programming ?

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