We are back at Weltmeister Eastside, this time our MK7 Golf R is fitted with a Burger Motorsports JB1! We’ve set the JB1 to MAP6, and we are ready to see the gains. Click here to see what our stock MK7 Golf R achieved on the dyno!

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  • All-Wheel Drive Dynotech Dyno
  • 98 RON Fuel
  • 14 Degrees Celsius @ 70% Humidity
  • Burger Motorsports JB1 on MAP6


4 comments on “Burger Motorsports JB1 Dyno Results! MK7 Golf R

  1. Sunny says:

    The dyno chart shown at 1:23 shows the Torque (ATW=at the wheels?) is actually lower with JB1 below 85 km/h and above 170 km/h, yet the power output (at the crank?) is higher everywhere. Can you explain why that is?

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct says:

      Hi Sunny, We believe this was down to something the dyno operator configured when displaying the charts – It is not an accurate representation, and the JB1 torque is consistently above stock.

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