This guide will show you how to access Engineering Mode on your VE Commodore. This guide is suitable for all models, and no tools are required!

Step 1

Insert your keys into the ignition, don’t turn them just yet!

Step 2

  • Press and hold the left scroll wheel on the steering wheel.
  • Whist holding the scroll wheel, turn the keys to the ON position (You can also start the car if you choose to do so)
  • Once the system check has completed, let go of the scroll wheel
  • You are now in Engineering Mode!

Engineering Mode Page 1

There are many different line items to be found in Engineering Mode. You can scroll through these by using the left scroll wheel

Software Version
Version number instrument cluster

GM Part Number
Part No. of the instrument cluster

Battery Voltage
Shows the current voltage from the battery

Battery Charge
Shows the current charge of the battery.
Note: This will never show 100%, and could show a false figure. It may say 60% charge however the car won’t actually start.

Engineering Mode Page 2

Remaining Fuel
Litre amount of fuel in the tank. This can be misleading as there is still reserve fuel after 0.00L is displayed

Instant Fuel Consumption
Instantaneous fuel usage

Coolant Temperature
Displayed in degrees celsius

Vehicle Speed
Digital speed readout

Engineering Mode Page 3

Digital Tacho
Currently 0 as the engine is off

Tyre Pressure
Only displayed when the factory TPMS is installed

Engine Oil Life
This percentage is calculated based on your driving habits. See our guide here on resetting this value

Park Lamps
Indicates if the parking lamps are currently ON or OFF

Engineering Mode Page 4

Switch Voltage
This is the voltage measured off the steering wheel controls (Used for fault checking)

Current Gear
This will say ‘Unknown’ in manual vehicles

Throttle Position
% of throttle input received from the accelerator pedal (This will never be 0% as the car uses a base figure to idle)

Transmission Sump Temperature
This seems to be disconnected from manual gearboxes as the temperature floats around ambient

Engineering Mode Page 5

Full Test
This will activate a test mode within the cluster, where all LEDs will turn on, tachometers centred and the speaker will emit a constant beep. This is used to ensure everything is working correctly

To exit Engineering Mode, simply click the trip button

12 comments on “Accessing Engineering Mode

  1. Sac says:

    The advice on battery charge is contrary to my experience with my 2009 Ve . It states that the car will not start on 60% battery? My last battery wouldn’t charge past 60% according to the display and battery volts showing 12.7v, even though it wasn’t accepting any more charge from an external charger. With short suburban trips the value would get down to 30% @ 12.2V and still start the car., below this and it wouldn’t start.
    Have since replaced the battery, it initially displayed 85%, the charging voltage drops below 13v when it gets here, but is typically 15v if below 86%, but with my normal use dropped to 50-60%. On a recent big use day, at least 2 hours continuous use, the value went to 100% .

    Engine oil life, I have followed the procedure described, and some suggested variations and mine does not change from 0%.
    Instantaneous fuel use does not work either as is a fact dual fuel Ve.

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct says:

      With regards to the battery charge, we’re saying the car might not start – Your battery could have a poor CCA yet still displays 60% charge. I’ve heard on some vehicles the Engine Oil Life does not seem to work, especially on early model VEs.

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct says:

      Hey Joel, The car is likely still calibrated to the old battery. It may take some time to adjust.

  2. Mesh says:

    When looking at the tacho reading with the car running and in park should it be fluctuating or should it be constant ?
    thanks in advance

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