This video tutorial will step you through the different options, settings and features available on the Holden VE Commodore centre cluster. We will also demonstrate the use of the ‘Night Panel’ mode which turns off the cluster and console LED lights at night.

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  1. Brian

    Hi Luke,
    really enjoy these qik fix top tips, thanks!.
    Got a couple of questions: I recently purchased a MACE 12mm Spacer and fitted same to my VE SV6 Z VE, fitting as per autoinstruct.
    Waited 24hrs for silicon to set. Car is more economical! Unfortunately, (at idle) the idle flutters from around 550rpm to 450rpm. I don’t hear any vacuum leak…could it be something else , perhaps O2 Sensor/s or intake camshaft position sensor (bank1) as i read the latter could cause the engine module to be temporarily unable to determine engine position (causing it to stop fueling and sparking) ??

    1. Staff @ AutoInstruct

      Hi Brian, good question, it’s not something I have seen before when fitting a spacer. Vacuum leak would be my first check (again), followed by an ECU Scan to see if any errors have appeared. Also try disconnecting the battery for 20 Mins and try again.

  2. Greg

    Hi customise has come up instead of the digital Speedo and I can’t get rid of it

    1. Staff @ AutoInstruct

      Should be able to exit by scrolling down to the Exit row and clicking the scroll wheel.

        1. Staff @ AutoInstruct

          That’s rather odd – Must be a fault somewhere in either the buttons or cluster. We’ve never heard of this before.

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