How to remove the interior map and cabin lights on your VE Commodore.

Tools / Parts Required

  • LED or Crystal Vision globes if you’re replacing the stock halogen globes!

Front Interior Lights – Step 1

Wedge your fingers in the areas as marked and firmly pull down on the housing. The entire housing should come down as shown in the next step.

Front Interior Lights – Step 2

Pull the housing downwards and forwards to release the hooks. Re-install by reversing this process.

Front Interior Lights – Step 3

Each globe can be removed by twisting the globe holder.

You can replace the cabin light with a LED, however the map lights will not work with most generic LEDs. These require a LED with a resistor.

Rear Interior Lights – Step 1

Grasp the housing as directed and gently pull downwards. This will come loose very easily.

Rear Interior Lights – Step 2

Twist out the globe holder to access the globe. Reinstall as per the removal process.

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