How to remove the interior map and cabin lights on your VE Commodore.

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Tools/Parts Required

  • LED or Crystal Vision globes if you’re replacing the stock halogen globes!

Step 1

Front Interior Lights

Wedge your fingers in the areas as marked and firmly pull down on the housing. The entire housing should come down as shown in the next step.

VE Commodore Interior Light

Step 2

Pull the housing downwards and forwards to release the hooks. Re-install by reversing this process.

VE Commodore Interior Light

Step 3

Each globe can be removed by twisting the globe holder.

You can replace the cabin light with a LED, however the map lights will not work with most generic LEDs. These require a LED with a resistor.

VE Commodore Interior Light

Step 4

Rear Interior Lights

Grasp the housing as directed and gently pull downwards. This will come loose very easily.

VE Commodore Interior Light

Step 5

Twist out the globe holder to access the globe. Reinstall as per the removal process.

VE Commodore Interior Light

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    1. Hi Nathan, Not sure sorry!

  1. good day,

    could anyone help my. I need to know how to remove the Rear seat entertainment system (mounted on the roof)

    1. Hello. Unfortunately we don’t have a tutorial for this.

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