This is an easy guide on changing the side indicator globes on your VE Commodore. You can safely change these globes to LEDs without affecting the flashing speed.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Amber T10 Wedge Globe or LED

Step 1

Grasp the indicator module firmly with both hands, then slide it towards the front of the vehicle. You should notice a small amount of movement

Step 2

The left side of the indicator should release and come away from the vehicle

Step 3

Remove the indicator assembly from the fender

Step 4

To remove the indicator globe, twist the circular section 90 degrees to the right and pull it out of the indicator housing. You do not need to disengage the clip

Step 5

The globe is now free from the housing. As you can see it is an Amber T10 globe

Step 6

Pull the globe out of the base to change it. Once the new globe is installed, ensure you test the operation before re-installing it.

If you’ve opted for an LED globe and you find it is not working, swap the globe 180 degrees as you may have the polarity incorrect. LED globes only work in one orientation.

Step 7

To re-install the indicator assembly, simply reverse the procedure. Make sure you push the right side of the indicator firmly towards the front of the vehicle as your clip the left side into the fender.

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