This AutoInstruct guide will show you how to remove the front strut assembly on a VE or VF Commodore. This process is relatively easy, with only basic tools required. Both video and written tutorials below!

Tools Required

  • Adjustable Spanner / Spanner Set
  • Socket Set
  • OEM replacement nuts and bolts

Torque Specifications

  • Sway Bar Link Nut: 50nm
  • Strut Bearing Nut: 75nm
  • Strut Hat Nut (Engine Bay): 55nm
  • x2 Lower Strut to Steering Knuckle Bolts: Both nuts to 100nm Each. Then turn each nut an additional 90 degrees. (Stretch Bolts – Single Use Only)

Video Guide

Written Guide

Step 1

Raise the front of the car and remove the front wheels.

Note: Never place your body under an unsupported vehicle! Always use jack stands!

Step 2

Grasp the centre shaft using a spanner. Whilst holding the centre, use another spanner turn the nut anti-clockwise to loosen. Only loosen this nut a few turns, do not remove it entirely!

VE Commodore Strut

Step 3

Next, unbolt the swaybar end link. Hold the centre using a socket whilst undoing the nut with a spanner.

Step 4

In this stage we will remove the brake line and wheel speed sensor cable from the strut bracket.

  1. Rotate the brake line 90 degrees (This aligns a notch on the brake line with the square slot, allowing you to remove it)
  2. Pull the brake line out of the bracket
  3. Un-clip the sensor wire
  4. Pull the sensor wire off the bracket

Step 5

Loosen and remove the two large bolts located on the bottom of the strut. You may need a breaker bar or impact wrench as these are very tight.

Note: As these are stretch bolts they should be discarded. New nuts and bolts should be used.

Step 6

Once the two bolts have been removed, gently lower the hub onto a box or bucket to support it.

Step 7

The strut is now being held in place by the shaft nut in the engine bay.

You will need to support the strut as you undo the nut and remove the strut hat. This is carried out in the next step.

Step 8

Whilst supporting the strut from within the wheel arch, undo the strut nut and remove the strut hat. The strut will now be free from the vehicle.

Removal Complete

Nice Work! The strut removal is now complete.

Are you looking to disassemble the strut to install new springs, shocks or perhaps both? See our guide on Front Strut Disassembly!


Step 1

Guide the strut back into the wheel arch. Position the top of the strut so it protrudes into the engine bay. Ensure the ‘W’ shaped notch in the top spring plate is pointing towards the engine.

Step 2

Place the strut hat onto the shaft and screw down the nut by hand. We will tighten the nut to specification as our final step.

Step 3

Using new nuts and bolts, insert the two strut-to-hub bolts, washers and nuts.

Step 4

Push the hub hard against the strut and tighten the nuts whilst in this position. This aligns the camber bolt onto the strut as per the picture.

Step 5

Tighten both strut-to-hub bolts to 100nm Each. Then turn each nut an additional 90 degrees. These are stretch bolts and should be single use only!

Step 6

Attach and tighten the sway bar end link. Torque to 50nm.

VE Commodore Sway Bar

Step 7

Re-attach the brake line and wheel speed cable to the bracket.

VE Commodore Brake Line

Step 8

The final step is to tighten the upper nut within the engine bay. Torque to 55nm.

Install Complete

The installation is now complete. A wheel alignment is now recommended.

Thanks for using AutoInstruct!

13 comments on “Front Strut Removal

  1. steve says:

    am about to replace top bearings both sides next week , little bit concerned as to properly align the top plates in the correct position , in the ve the bottom rubber has no stop guide for the spring to sit hard against either , can the spring sit in any position ?? on the bottom rubber ? is the “w’ notch in the top plate the only thing to be lined up ?? is there a certain position it must face towards the engine ?? 1st time for me replaceing on a ve ssv 2007 .
    kind regards.

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct says:

      Hi Steve, When you line up the ‘W’ in the top plate, it faces directly towards the engine. The spring will then sit in the ‘step’ of the top plate, then everything else will be aligned.

  2. Rizwan says:

    Hi, First of all thank you for posting such a detailed step procedure. I am a little confused with getting the correct torque on the top strut mount and the sway bar link as it will not be possible use a torque wrench with the socket because there is no way to hold the piston anymore. Can you please describe who this can be done using a torque wrench.

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct says:

      Great question. The trick here is to hold the nut still with a spanner, and torque the piston to spec. This however can be difficult for most people as the piston uses a specialised tool. The easiest solution is to tighten the nut with an estimated level of torque.

  3. Rizwan says:


    I managed to get the strut replaced and I have to say all steps mentioned were absolutely precise. However, after replacing the struts I hear squeaking rubber noise and it is coming through the new strut mounts which I have installed. As soon as you turn the wheel you can hear the sound. Have I got something wrong I are they over / under torque on the piston?

    Your help will be really appreciated.

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct says:

      Hi Rizwan,

      Great to hear our guide was helpful. Is it occurring on both sides, and did you also replace the strut bearing? I ask as the bearing is usually to blame, it is extremely fragile. If it’s not performing correctly the rubber bushing will bind on the bodywork of the vehicle, causing the squeaking noise. Let me know.

  4. Rizwan Muhammad says:


    The issue was with the top plate which holds the strut with the nut. It seems that rubber on the top plate was catching on the body and getting rubbed quite harshly as the steering was turned. applying a little grease on the rubber has resolved the issue.

    I did change the bearings and strut mounts as they were very bad.

    I hope this is helpful for others if they have similar issue.


    • Staff @ AutoInstruct says:

      Hi Brent, replacement bolts came with our KYB suspension. Unfortunately I don’t have further details. Holden can supply them.

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