AutoInstruct presents a tutorial on upgrading the Holden IQ Navigation Maps on your VE Commodore. This is only applicable to vehicles fitted with factory navigation, and this process requires new maps to be purchased from a Holden dealership.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Updated Holden IQ Navigation Maps (Available from your local Holden dealer)

Step 1

Firstly unclip the scrivet as circled. Then pull firmly downwards on the lower trim piece.

Step 2

With the first panel lowered, pull down and remove the upper trim piece.

Step 3

You can now see the side of the Holden IQ headunit. The navigation memory / SD card is located behind a white sticker. Simply break the sticker seal and the SD card can be removed.

Insert the new SD card and re-install the trim pieces as per the removal. Ensure all clips are seated correctly and the trim pieces are correctly overlapping each other.

Your navigation maps are now updated.

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  1. Had my car serviced at Booran Holden Dandenong yesterday.
    Asked for the nav unit maps to be upgraded they said the latest update they have is 2.5 years old and they have no idea when the next update is coming.
    At service time last year I asked to have the update done and got told the same as yesterday.
    Question: Is this true? or am I being lied to?
    Does anyone know of any updated maps being available and if so where can I purchase the update from?
    Customer service is abysmal from this company.

      1. Brilliant news !. Had my car serviced in Nov 2016 and asked about the updates but got a “still waiting for next release” reply. I’ll ring round and locate a dealer who can do the update. Thanks for the reply also, I’d almost given up.

  2. Hi i have purchase sv6 2013 it has the option of Nav and map but when I press say map is not avaliabe.
    Can you please advise me what is wrong with the map .

    1. Hey, Did this suddenly stop working? Have the maps ever worked in the past?

      1. I have the same problem.. Mine is a brand new unit, so never had maps on it.. how can I get the GPS going?. is it as simple as putting an SD card in or is there more to it? Cheers

        1. Unfortunately you need additional hardware to support GPS – It’s not as simple as inserting the SD Card.

  3. Hey Guys… Ive got a similar issue with my 2013 SS Z Series.. pressed the navi button day and it now comes up saying “Navigation not fitted”. But its always worked. Now it doesn’t bring up the camera, school zone or rail crossing warnings either. Is this a IQ issue, a setting someone has hit or is it an upgrade issue?

    1. Could be a faulty SD card. Might be worth taking it out, copying the data off it (if you can) and loading it onto a new SD Card.

    2. Having same issue did ya work out what is wrong with it as I just got a nes sd card and still the same

  4. Hey i need some advice please help me, i have two cars one is holden omega 2008 dual fuel car and other one is holden sv6 2012 petrol,
    It is possible i can move anythings from sv6 to omega?
    I want to know what parts i can move to my other car

    1. Hello, Most parts are interchangeable! It may need some modifications depending on exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and VIN Coding will be required.

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