This guide will show you how to install a manifold insulator / spacer in your VE or VF Commodore fitted with an LFX engine (MY12+ Vehicles). This process is also very similar for late model Camaro vehicles fitted with the LFX engine.

Tools Required

  • Socket Set
  • Torx Key Set
  • Spanners (Ratchet Spanners are preferable!)
  • Blue RTV Gasket Maker

Step 1

Remove the engine cover by pulling upwards on the front, then sliding the cover off the engine.

Step 2

Disconnect the PCV pipe from the air intake resonator.

VE Commodore Air Intake

Step 3

Remove the air intake pipe located between the throttle body and filter housing.

VE Commodore Air Intake

Step 4

Disconnect the throttle body loom. Slide the red tab outwards then unplug the connector.

Step 5

Remove the shield pictured by popping the two clips on the top of the engine. The shield can then be wiggled off the engine.

Step 6

Remove the PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) hose located on top of the intake manifold. This rigid hose is highlighted in Yellow. Refer to the next step for the removal process.

Step 7

Follow this hose to the rear of the engine where you will find a clip-down fitting. To release this fitting, push the plastic tab across whilst pulling up on the hose.

Step 8

Now rotate the hose 90 degrees in an anti-clockwise direction. You will need to bend it around the other hoses that may be in the way. This step is required to release the other end from the manifold.

Step 9

Once rotated 90 degrees, pull the PCV hose upwards and remove from the vehicle.

Step 10

Unbolt the purge solenoid from the intake manifold. There is a single bolt holding this in place as pictured.

Step 11

Using a small amount of force, disconnect the purge solenoid from the intake manifold.

Step 12

Use a hex key to unscrew the MAP sensor.

Step 13

Pull the map sensor upwards to disconnect it from the manifold. Also remove the clip holding the wire in place.

Step 14

Use pliers to squeeze this clip and release the hose from the manifold.

Step 15

Remove the two bolts holding the fuel line shield in place. These are quite small, and there is one on each side of the engine.

Note: You will not be able to re-install these once the spacer is installed. The shield will actually sit comfortably in place without requiring the bolts.

VE Commodore Intake Manifold

Step 16

Unbolt the five bolts located on top of the intake manifold. Be gentle when removing these.

Step 17

Next, unbolt the final bolt securing the manifold to the engine. You will need to unscrew this bolt entirely, however you will not be able to remove it from the manifold due to a lack of clearance. It needs to be guided out with the manifold upon its removal in the next step.

Step 18

The intake manifold can now be removed from the vehicle. Grasp the throttle body and gently lift upwards and away from the engine, guiding the remaining bolt out at the same time.

Step 19

This is what the engine looks like without an intake manifold! Use this opportunity to inspect the intake runners. If they’re covered in oil and grime, perhaps it is time to install a Catch Can!

Step 20

With the intake manifold removed from the vehicle, flip it over to reveal four triangular shaped screws that hold the aluminium section in place. Unscrew these using a HEX key and remove the aluminium piece.

Step 21

Orientate the spacer onto the manifold. To aid this process you can insert the long OEM bolts into the holes to help align the spacer onto the manifold. Once secure, place a thin bead of gasket sealer around each runner as per the blue illustration on the image.

Step 22

Next, place the aluminium piece onto the spacer and screw into place using the supplied screws (Which are longer than the original ones). Wipe up any excess sealant around the outside and inside the intake runners as shown in the image.

Step 23

Once the sealant has dried, install the manifold back onto the vehicle.

Please note that the rear bolt on the manifold MUST be pre-inserted into the manifold as you guide it into position, reversing the initial removal process. Due to the length of this bolt, it can not be inserted after the manifold is in place. There is simply not enough room above the intake manifold.

Step 24

Tighten the five remaining bolts to 25nm of torque in the order as shown in the image.

Step 25

Lastly re-install all components onto the intake manifold as per the removal steps.

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  1. Tyler0397 says:

    Hey like the post very helpful but one question, would you know where the fuel injectors are? i have the exact same engine as in the picture and i am getting so frustrated no one knows where and not only that there are no websites that show you where they are at all, please reply asap i appreciate your time and effort thank you so much.


  2. bob says:

    Hi the post you’ve done is a good read so my question to you is do you use the same procedure removing the intake manifold to change out coil packs numbers 4 and 6 ? regards, Bob.

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