How to remove the front bumper on your Holden VE Commodore! Whilst the concept appears difficult, the process is actually fairly simple. The bumper is held in place with a small number of bolts and screws.

Tools / Parts Required

  • Socket Set
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Trim Removal Tool

Step 1

Unscrew the two bolts in the centre of the bumper (Red), then remove the two scrivets (Green).

Step 2

Removal all screws running along the bottom of the bumper. These attach the bumper to the splash shield.

Step 3

Now we need to remove the bolts which attach the bumper to the fender. These are located as shown.

Step 4

To remove these bolts we recommend you remove the front wheels and remove most of the plastic wheel arch liner. It makes the job much easier.

It can however be done with the wheel still fitted. You’ll need to remove three scrivets holding the wheel arch lining in place, then you will be able to access the bolt.

Step 5

Remove both bolts on both sides of the vehicle.

As you can see here, the nut fits into a hexagon cutout. Take note of this when reinstalling the bumper as the nut must slide into the cutout!

Step 6

The bumper is now held in place by clips underneath each headlight. With the help of a friend, gently pull the bumper away from each headlight.

You may need to use a trim removal tool to push onto the clip and release it.

Step 7

If fog lights are fitted to the vehicle, these will now need to be unplugged before the bumper can be completely removed.


Your front bumper should now be free from the vehicle. To re-attach simply reverse the steps!

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  1. colin schofield says:

    how about removal of the rear bumper on a VE Wagon need to fit a tow bar also where does the module connect.
    need help guys please ASAP

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