This tutorial will show you how to reset the service reminder on the cluster of your Holden VE Commodore. The service reminder will display which service is due (Increments of 15,000). It will appear when your odometer is 1000km or less until the scheduled service, and will remain until it is reset using the process below.

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Step 1

This is what the service reminder looks like. The message started to appear when the odometer reached 44,000 Km.

Step 2

Hold down the ‘Trip’ button and turn the ignition on.

Step 3

You should see the following message on the screen asking to reset the service reminder. Release the ‘Trip’ button.

Step 4

Hold down the ‘Enter’ button for 3-5 seconds until you hear a chime and the message disappears.

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  1. It’s past 165000 k tried to reset it, but stays same, it’s already 167000k do I have to wait for the next service reminder to reset it again?

    1. Hello, No it should reset. Please try it again.

  2. I tried this twice, didn’t work. Locked the car, unlocked, open and closed door, tried again and worked like a charm. Thanks, Romi

    1. Thanks for the interesting tip!

  3. Tried several times had given up until reading Romi tip,. Locked /Unlocked the car, opened the door, got in closed the door, then depressed trip even before incerting the keys and started the vehicle. Reset service message clearly displayed, released trip button and depressed the enter scroll for a few seconds and sure enough heard the chime and the service reminder was gone. Hooray!

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