Our guide will show you how to remove the lower dash trim on a VE Commodore. This refers to the plastic trim surrounding the base of the steering wheel column. You will need this guide when replacing the headlight switch or accessing the wiring in the dashboard.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Trim Removal Tools

Step 1

Using a trim removal tool, pop off the side trim piece. There are three clips, one on each corner.

Step 2

  • Wedge your fingers behind the lower section of the trim and firmly pull upwards as shown by the red arrows.
  • With the bottom clips released use a gentle hinging and pulling motion to release the top clips on both sides of the steering wheel. Pull away as shown by the orange arrows.
  • Be careful releasing the clips as the trim will drop downwards. It is quite heavy.

Step 3

As the trim is released you will need to unplug the headlight switch. Push on the clip and unplug.

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