This guide will show you how to lift your VE Commodore using a trolley jack and jack stands. This guide is provided as advice only based on our experiences. This process has not been certified by the manufacturer and may cause damage to your vehicle if performed. A hoist is only the proper way to correctly and safely raise a vehicle.

Work at your own risk. AutoInstruct will not be held responsible for damage to your vehicle or personal injury / death as a result of the information we provide. Do NOT place your body underneath a vehicle unless it is supported by appropriately rated jack stands. The safest work is to not perform the work at all. If in doubt consult a qualified mechanic.

Tools Required

  • Trolley Jack
  • Jack Stands (x2)

These tools must be in good working condition, rated for the weight of your vehicle and certified to Australian standards. Quality Trolley Jacks and Jack Stands are crucial for your safety.

Lifting Technique

Before you begin, find a suitable surface. Your lifting surface should be flat and solid. Concrete is ideal.

Place wheel chocks behind the opposite set of wheels to ensure the car does not roll. Next, locate the jacking point as outlined below and slowly raise to the desired height. We recommend using rubber pads to ensure you don’t damage the vehicle.

Once the desired height is reached, place both jack stands in the appropriate locations and lower the vehicle onto the stands.

Jack Stands

Jack stands are mandatory when lifting the vehicle as they are your protection from being injured or killed in the event of a trolley jack failing.

The stands can be placed under the factory scissor jack lifting points located under the side skirt of the vehicle. These are the same points used when changing your spare wheel.

VE Commodore Jack Stand Point

Lifting The Front

To raise the front of the vehicle use the steel crossmember located below the engine.

VE Commodore Jack Point

Lifting the Sides – Front

To lift the frontal side of the vehicle you can use the same lift point used by a hoist.

VE Commodore Jack Point

Lifting the Sides – Rear

The rearward side of the vehicle can also be raised using the hoist lift point as pictured.

VE Commodore Jack Point

Lifting the Rear

Lifting the rear of the vehicle is very simple, simply use the rear differential. Ensure the trolley jack is placed centrally underneath the diff.

VE Commodore Jack Point

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