A concise bulb list for the Holden VE Commodore.

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Light Bulb / Globe List

AutoInstruct presents a globe list for the VE Commodore. Please reference the list below when replacing or upgrading bulbs in your vehicle.

Bulb Location

Standard Bulb Type

 Low BeamH7 55W
 High Beam H9 65W
 Parking Globe T10 5W
 Fog Lights Series 1 H11 / Series 2 H10 42W
 Front Indicators BAU15s 21W
 Side Indicators T10 5W (Amber)
 Brake Globe BAY15d 21/5W
 Indicator Globe BAU15s 21W
 Reverse Globe BA15s 21W
 Number Plate Globe T10 5W
Centre Brake LightFactory Proprietary LED


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  1. Hey do you guys know what the boot light bulb is?

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