This guide will show you how to change the air conditioner pollen filter on a Holden VF Commodore. This filter is commonly known as a ‘Pollen Filter’ or ‘Cabin Filter’.

This process only takes 10-15 minutes.

Tools / Parts Required

Step 1

Remove the six scrivets located across the plenum cover.

VE Commodore Pollen Filter

Step 2

Scrivets are removed by pulling up the centre with a screwdriver or suitable tool, then pulling out the entire scrivet.

VE Commodore Pollen Filter

Step 3

Peel up the bonnet seal strip

VE Commodore Pollen Filter

Step 4

You can now lift up the plenum cover and you will see the pollen filter or factory mesh filter.

VE Commodore Pollen Filter

Factory Mesh Filter

The mesh filter as seen here comes standard on most Holden Commodores. Unfortunately it does no provide a good level of filtration, only blocking leaves and large debris. All dust and fine particles will pass straight through the filter and into the cabin.

VE Commodore Pollen Filter

Optional Pollen Filter

The optional pollen filter provides a much higher level of filtration, blocking large leaves and debris, alongside most pollen and dust particles. These filters are a cheap investment for better air quality within the vehicle. It also keeps the cabin and air conditioner system clean.

VE Commodore Pollen Filter

Step 5

If you have the factory mesh filter installed and you’re looking to replace it with a pollen filter, the mesh filter must be removed. This can be done by prying the filter out with a large screwdriver.

If you’re replacing a pollen filter, you can simply squeeze and collapse the filter and remove it from the vehicle.

VE Commodore Pollen Filter

Step 6

With the filter removed, clean out any leaves and debris with a damp cloth.

VE Commodore Pollen Filter

New and Old

Here is a side-by-side comparison of a new and old pollen filter. The old filter on the right was installed in the vehicle for two years, and is full of dust and dirt.

VE Cabin Pollen Filter

Step 7

The new pollen filter can now be installed. Take note of the airflow direction arrow – This needs to point inwards towards the cabin of the vehicle.

VE Commodore Pollen Filter

Step 8

To install the filter simply squeeze it with your hands, and install into the vehicle. The flat side must be on the bottom.

VE Commodore Pollen Filter

Step 9

With the filter in position, ensure it is sitting correctly in the grooves. The install is now complete.

VE Commodore Pollen Filter

7 comments on “Changing Cabin Pollen Filter

  1. Greg says:

    we have a VF Series 2 Commodore built April 2016 and the plenum cover is different to the one shown in your instructions. It seems to fit much more closely/tightly at the windscreen, and I can’t get it to come loose. Any suggestions/ideas?

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct says:

      Hi Greg, That’s interesting, do you have a photo to show us? I’m assuming you may need to remove the plenum cover around the windscreen wipers to provide additional access. Keep us posted!

    • VF Wizz says:

      Hi Greg, In the VF the top cover is a one piece, all the way to the windscreen so its a bit of a fiddle but can be done as I have. You have to remove the 7 scrivets, then remove the bonnet seal. From the center where the cover splits, firmly with caution lift the cover working towards the passenger side and it should slide out. The rest is as per the above instructions. If you have any problems, email me. Cheers

      • Kevin says:

        VF Wizz – I’d appreciate your advice, on a VF Series II when you say it will slide out do you mean pull it towards the drivers side? I’ve followed your instructions and still wrestling with this thing I’m going mental. It seems to be stuck tight on the far passenger side under a piece of the bodywork? I’d be grateful for any advice, cheers.

  2. steve says:

    hi have just changed mine , there are no grooves for the filter to sit in , mine just sits on the bottom and tucks in up the top its a very loose fit , nothing to hold it in place like the mesh , ran air con while the plenum cover was still off , the air con sucks the filter in and it seems good tight fit when running , so i presume thats how they are , definetly no edges etc for the filter to sit behind just a very loose fit .

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct says:

      Hi Steve, Yes you are right. The groove we refer to is merely a ‘frame’ for it to sit in, and it does appear rather loose. Not the greatest design that’s for sure!

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