This tutorial will show you how to change the cabin / pollen filter on your Mazda 3 (BL). Keeping your filter clean will greatly improve air conditioner performance and quality.

Tools and Parts Required

  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement Pollen Filters

Step 1

To begin, we need to remove the passenger side kick panel. This is done by releasing the two tabs as circled.

Mazda 3 BL Cabin Filter

Step 2

Remove the side kick panel by pulling firmly outwards. It is held in place by three clips.

Mazda 3 BL Cabin Filter

Step 3

We will now gain access to the filters. Remove the two screws on the sensor module, and gently remove the sensor.

Mazda 3 BL Cabin Filter

Step 4

Behind the sensor you will find the first of two cabin filters. The first will simply slide outwards with ease.

Mazda 3 BL Cabin Filter

Step 5

The second filter element is located above the first. To remove, simply wiggle downwards and it will drop to the lower level. Then slide the filter out.

Discard of both filters.

Mazda 3 BL Cabin Filter

Step 6

To install the new filters, simply reverse the process. Slide the first filter in, then push upwards, adjusting the filter until it hooks onto the tabs, holding it in position.

Slide the second filter across into position, then reinstall the sensor and kick panels.

Mazda 3 BL Cabin Filter

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