Have you noticed the gear selection is no longer lit up on your Mazda CX5? This is because the globe under the trim has blown. We’ll show you how to change it.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Trim Removal Tool
  • 12V 2W Wedge Globe

Step 1

Using a trim removal too, pry the centre console trim upwards.

Step 2

Release all the clips using your hands, and lift the trim upwards, including the coin tray. You will need to shift the leaver into neutral to remove the trim.

Step 3

With the trim removed, disconnect the electrical connector.

Step 4

To gain access to the globe, release the electrical connector from the trim.

Step 5

Twist the globe socket anti-clockwise and remove.

Step 6

Pull the globe out from the base and replace.

Step 7

Reverse the process to re-install the gear selector trim and you are finished.

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