How to access the Engineering Menu in a Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W203).

The Engineering Menu will show you the Vehicle Voltage, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Oil Level Check, ESP Dynamometer Test and more!

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Step 1

Insert your keys into the ignition and turn to ‘Accessories’.

Step 2

Using the steering wheel controls, scroll through the cluster screen until you reach the odometer page.

Step 3

Ensuring you are on the odometer page, press the trip reset button three times.

Step 4

The vehicle voltage should now be displayed. This is the Engineering Menu!

Step 5

Engineering Menu Page 1

  • Vehicle Voltage


Step 6

Engineering Menu Page 2

  • Software Version
  • Oil Level

As highlighted in the image, the final line is your vehicle oil level. Please refer to the next step for details.

Step 7

Engineering Menu Page 2

The oil level is currently displayed as ‘-.-‘

To show the actual level in litres, turn the ignition to ‘ON’. This is measuring the amount of oil in the sump. If you start the engine the number will decrease as oil flows throughout the engine.

Step 8

Engineering Menu Page 3

  • ESP Dynamometer Test Mode On/Off

Step 9

Engineering Menu Page 4

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

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  1. Michael

    After the actual level is shown, explain the processes there after. What action do I need to take with the ESP Dynamo meter test (w.term.15off and then VIN WD?

    1. Staff @ AutoInstruct

      Hello, There’s no other actions you need to take. Just confirm the oil level is correct.

      1. michael

        Thanks for the info, with this info I would try changing the oil myself.
        Much appreciated AI staff.

  2. MM

    Very helpful, I have the car for 4 years but never knew this mathed of checking oil level from the cluster menue, thanks very much for this helpful artical. Keep writing helpful tips like this to help others like me.

    1. Staff @ AutoInstruct

      Thanks for the feedback! We sure will!

  3. nberry970

    Hi i can access this menu on my 2007 c class kompressor but the oil level does not show, any ideas on what i am doing wrong or does this function not work on my car?

    1. Staff @ AutoInstruct

      It may not work on your vehicle

  4. Fares


    I have c200K 2007 super sport edition but I can’t find oil level in the secret menu at all, I followed the steps but in the image you have here I can see OL for OIL but in mine there isn’t anything like that

    so how can I reset my service?

    1. Staff @ AutoInstruct

      Not too sure sorry! Sometime the menus are different.

  5. Antony

    Very helpful post with good pictures. But is there any other way of checking oil? I don’t have a dipstick on my car. I tried to go through the menu like as post shows. I don’t have oil option in description…

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