Installing a pitch stop mount in your Subaru Impreza / WRX improves the shift and feel of the engine, and is a common modification for performance enthusiasts. We noticed an increase in NVH, however the improved feel was well worth it.

This applies to every Impreza from 1994 – 2014.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Pitch Stop Mount
  • Grease
  • Socket Set

Step 1

Remove the intercooler to reveal the OEM pitch stop mount, which connects the gearbox to the firewall.

Unbolt the pitch stop mount and remove from the vehicle.

Step 2

Here is the OEM pitch stop mount compared to the Whiteline offering. The OEM part is made from plastic, with plenty of movement in the bushings.

Lubricate all friction surfaces on the new pitch stop mount (Circled in Red, both sides) and install into the vehicle.

Step 3

Install the pitch stop mount and tighten both bolts.

Reinstall the intercooler, and enjoy your new performance modification!

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