How to change the oil on a GD/GG Subaru Impreza (2000 – 2007).

This guide is based on the 92kw EJ201 engine, however the process is similar between models.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Socket Set
  • Flathead Screwdriver (To remove clips)
  • Trolley Jack and Axle Stands
  • Oil Pan
  • OEM or Ryco Z495 Replacement Oil Filter
  • 5w-30 Oil (5L Bottle)
  • Sump Plug + Washer

Step 1

Let’s get ready to change the oil. First raise the vehicle and place it onto axle stands. Also open the bonnet and locate the oil filler cap.

Step 2

Remove the splash shield located under the engine. This is secured with a number of bolts (12mm Socket) and clips as circled.

Step 3

With the splash shield removed you can easily locate the sump bolt and oil filter.

Step 4

Now we need to drain the oil. Using a 17mm socket with a ratchet or breaker bar, gently loosen the sump bolt.

Step 5

Prepare your oil pan and loosen off the sump bolt by hand.

The oil will now drain into the pan. Once the dripping has stopped re-install the new sump plug and washer. You can re-use the existing bolt and washer however this is not recommended as leaks can occur.

Step 6

Loosen the oil filter by hand and let the excess oil drip into the pan.

Step 7

Once the excess oil has drained, unscrew the filter and remove it.

Step 8

Prepare your new filter and screw it into position. We recommend placing a thin layer of oil onto the rubber seal to reduce the risk of damage.

Step 9

Locate the oil filler neck and remove the cap.

Step 10

We will now fill the engine with oil. The owners manual quotes 4.0L of oil.

We recommend filling 4L at first, then checking the dipstick and filling further as required.

Step 11

Check the dipstick to ensure the oil is at the correct level.

Step 12

Once the oil is at the correct level, refit the oil filler cap.

Now start the engine and monitor for leaks.

Step 13

Switch off the engine and re-attach the under tray.

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