Today we’re upgrading the OEM MK6 Diverter Valve (DV) to a GFB DV+. Whilst the stock DV was in good condition, it simply could not hold back over 30 PSI of boost in this MK6 Golf GTI. This resulted in a loud hissing noise on boost. Sound familiar? Why not follow our guide and upgrade your OEM DV today!

This guide is suitable for MK6 Golf GTI and R.

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Tools/Parts Required

Step 1

Drive the front of your vehicle onto ramps and crawl underneath the drivers side (RHD). The DV is located above the right driveshaft,

Step 2

Look for the tubular black device bolted to the side of the turbo, this is the DV.

Step 3

Disconnect the electrical connector on the OEM DV.

Step 4

Using a T30 Torx driver, remove the three screws holding the DV in place. There is two visible and one above the DV. Once loosened, gently remove the DV from the vehicle.

Step 5

Here is the stock DV, and the cause of our escaping boost pressure. The plastic ring as pictured fails to form a tight seal against the aluminium body of the turbo intake.

Step 6

Following the very simple GFB instructions, we’ve fitted the DV+ piston onto the OEM solenoid. This retains OEM electronics whilst creating a firm seal against the turbo.

Step 7

Screw the DV back into place and reconnect the electrical plug. Now go for a drive and enjoy your newfound DV!

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