A complete bulb list for the MK6 Golf.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required



Bulb Location

Bulb Type

Front Indicator 5202A Amber
Low “Dipped” Beam (Halogen) H7 55W
High “Full” Beam (Halogen) H15 55W
Low / High  Beam (HID) D1S 35W
Position “Parker” Light T10 / W5W / 501 5W
Front Fog Light (Non – GTI) HB4 51W
Front Fog Light (GTI) H8 35W
Glove Box T10 / W5W / 501 5W
Vanity Mirror 36mm Festoon 1W
Front Map Lights T10 / W5W / 501 5W
Door Mirror “Courtesy” Light T10 / W5W / 501 5W
Stepwell Lights T15 / W16W / 921 9W
Centre Dome 36mm Festoon 1W
Boot Cargo Light 41mm Festoon 1W
Rear Indicators T20A / W21W / 7440A 21W
Rear Position Light T15 / W16W / 921 9W
Brake Light (Non – R) T15 / W16W / 921 9W
Rear Position Light (Golf R) Factory Proprietary
Centre Brake Light Factory Proprietary
License Plate T10 / W5W / 501 5W
Reverse Light T20 / W21W / 7440 21W


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