This guide will show you how to replace your brake and indicator globes on a MK6 Golf.

Tools & Parts Required

  • Trim Removal Tool
  • Replacement Globe

Globe Types:

Rear Indicators
T20A / W21W / 7440A 21W
Rear Position Light
T15 / W16W / 921 9W
Brake Light (Non – R)
T15 / W16W / 921 9W

Step 1

To access the globes, we need to remove the entire tail light assembly. First, peel back the carpet inside the boot using a trim removal tool.

Step 2

Unplug the wiring loom as indicated by the pink arrow.

Next, support the tail light and begin to unscrew the white pin, by turning anti-clockwise. Remove the white pin entirely.

Step 3

You can now remove the entire tail light assembly.

Step 4

Looking at the back of the tail light, you will find five tabs that secure the globe assembly in place. Gently release each tab and seperate the two pieces.

Step 5

Here you can see the Brake Globe and Indicator Globe. Simply pull upwards to remove these globes.

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