Burger Motorsports Group 10 JB4 Install (1.2 / 1.4 TSI)


This tutorial will show you how to install a Burger Motorsports ‘Group 10’ JB4 on an MQB Volkswagen / Audi / Seat / Skoda EA211 1.2 & 1.4 TFSI/TSI.

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Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Pliers
  • Torx Driver Kit (For running OBD Cable)

Step 1

If your engine looks like this one, you’ve come to the right tutorial!

Step 2

To access the first connection, we need to remove the air intake filter housing.

Squeeze the clamp to release and slide the pipe off the enclosure.

Step 3

Release the second hose clamp on the right, followed by the rubber hose as pictured.

Step 4

Gently pull upwards on the intake housing to release the three rubber grommets from their posts. This will reveal the sensor.

Step 5

Connect both BROWN WIRE JB4 connectors onto the sensor and the harness.


Step 6

The next sensor is located on the throttle pipe. Connect both RAINBOW WIRE JB4 connectors to the sensor and the harness.

Step 7

You can now reinstall the air intake and tidy up the looms as desired.

Step 8

Find a suitable location for the JB4, we chose to place it into the battery blanket.

Step 9

For vehicles outside of USA/Mexico, you also need to connect the auxiliary power wire into the fuse box.

For a neat installation, slide the front cover off the fuse box and route the cable as shown.

Step 10

Push the spade connector into the spare fuse slot as shown and re-install the front cover.

Step 11

Connect the OBD cable to the JB4 by running the cable under the dashboard and through the firewall.

For details on this process, see our tutorial here.

Your JB4 is now installed and ready to go!

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