AutoInstruct presents a tutorial on how to remove the snow screen / grille / baffle / guard from the air intake of an MK7 Golf R. This piece of plastic is designed to disperse and catch any snow that gets drawn into the air filter. In warmer climates we feel that this grille is not required!

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Torx Screwdriver

Step 1

Use a Torx screwdriver to unscrew the eight (8) screws around the air intake lid. Take note that you will not be able to completely remove the screws from the lid.

Step 2

Lift the air intake lid and remove the paper air filter.

Step 3

You can now see the snow screen. This is held in by a tab on each side of the grille.

Step 4

Pull up the bottom left corner and place your hand underneath the grille. Gently pull upwards and remove the grille. Be cautious as the plastic slats are very brittle.

Step 5

The grille is now removed. Simply reinstall the paper air filter and screw down the lid.

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