If you’re upgrading your MIB1 or MIB2 Headunit, or wiring for a sound system / subwoofer, you’ll probably need to remove the MIB Headunit ‘Brain’ which is located in the glovebox.

Difficulty Rating


Tools/Parts Required

  • Headunit Removal Tools (Generic)

Step 1

This process is very simple with the correct headunit removal tools. The tools are somewhat generic and can be found online to suit Volkswagen vehicles.

Simply insert both tools into the slot on either side of the unit, and they will lock into position and release the retaining clips.

Using the tools, you can then pull the headunit out of position with a firm pull.

Step 2

Gently slide the headunit out, being mindful of the wiring looms. The small antenna connections unplug with ease, however the large plug as pictured has a special hinge mechanism.

In the direction of the arrows, pull up the hinge, which will release the plug. Then gently slide the plug out.

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