MK7 Golf - Light Bulb / Globe List

AutoInstruct presents a globe list for the MK7 Golf. Please reference the list below when replacing or upgrading bulbs in your vehicle.

Bulb Location

Standard Bulb Type

Front Turn Signal
Low “Dipped” Beam (Halogen)
H7 55W
Cornering Lights
H7 55W
High Beam (Halogen)
H15 55W
Low / High Beam (HID / Xenon)
D3S 35W
Front Parker Light
H15 15W
Front Fog Light 
H11 55W
Glove Box
W3W 3W
Interior Map Lights
 W5W 5W
Interior Dome Light
 W5W 5W
Interior Boot Light
C10W 10W
Brake Light (Non-LED)
W21W 21W
Rear Fog Light (Non-LED)
W21W 21W
Centre Brake Light
Factory Proprietary LED
License Plate (Non-LED)
W5W 5W
Reverse Light (Non-LED)
W16W 16W
Rear Indicators (Non-LED)
 WY21W 21W

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