This tutorial will show you how to remove the rear seat base of your MK7 Golf (4-Door). Useful for cleaning, or running wires through to the boot of your vehicle.

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Step 1

First, we need to remove the ISOFIX mounting trim. This needs to be rotated in an arc motion to un-clip and slide out.

By pushing firmly on the area marked by the star, the trim should unclip. You can then continue to push downwards, pivoting the trim out.

MK7 Golf Rear Seat Removal

Step 2

Remove all four ISOFIX mounting point trims.

MK7 Golf Rear Seat Removal

Step 3

Using your hands, firmly pull the seat base upwards from the front. Do this to both sides to release the clips.

MK7 Golf Rear Seat Removal

Step 4

Once released, you can easily see the clip mechanism. You can now remove the seat base from the vehicle. You may need to push the base backwards slightly, to unhook the base at the rear.

MK7 Golf Rear Seat Removal

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