Did you know you can upload custom radio station logos onto your MK7 Headunit? We’ll show you how to do it.

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Tools/Parts Required

SD Card

Step 1

First you will need to create your own logos. Using an image editor, set up the canvas size as 400 x 240 pixels. With this setup, download the logos from Google for the stations of your choice. Centre the logo and save as .png

Here’s an example

Step 2

Load the .png files onto an SD Card, and insert into your headunit in SD1.

Step 3

Under ‘Radio’ tap the settings icon, then tap on ‘Station Logos’

Step 4

The screen will now show all your saved stations. Simply tap a station, then navigate to the SD Card and select the appropriate image. Do this for each station, and you are done.

Step 5

This is the final result!

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  1. Thank you. i found upscaling the size you provided by 4 times created better resolution for the Discover Nav/Media Device. Jpegs were better too for the other view screen too (view: with large icon)

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