STEELMAN Jack Pad Adapter – Tesla Model 3 Low Profile

STEELMAN Jack Pad Adapter – Tesla Model 3 Low Profile


Product Description

New Low Profile Design!

The STEELMAN second generation Model 3 jack pad tool incorporates a retractable, self-adjusting magnet which attaches the tool to the chassis. The captive magnet extends 5mm above the top of the post when inserted into the jack point.  The retractable magnet design compensates for small variations in the depth and shape of the jack point location hole and precludes the magnet from ever supporting the weight of the car.

This jack pad tool is 18mm thick, a full 10mm shorter than first generation Tesla Model 3 jack pad. The low profile design accommodates taller floor jack saddles and higher 2-post lift arms, especially on the lower Performance chassis. The Safety Yellow Silicone band replaces the “grip” groove on the original tools and is a visible reminder that the jack pad tools are in place.

The STEELMAN jack pad tool for the Tesla Model 3 chassis takes the guess work out of positioning a floor jack beneath the vehicle jack points. The post on the tool precisely locates the tool in the center of the jack point on the car. The tool provides a comfortable amount of clearance between the undercarriage and the rim of the floor jack saddle. The Neoprene washer protects the paint on the jack point from being damaged. The jack pad tools are not intended to be permanently installed on the car.

The groove around the circumference of the tool makes it easy to remove it when maintenance is completed. The tool is machined from Acetal and uses a Silicone O-Ring to “grab” onto the vehicle jack point. No modifications to the vehicle jack points are required to use the T-JPT tool. This tool must be used with a floor jack which has at least a 2.75″ diameter saddle.


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