Burger Motorsports 14mm Magnetic Spark Plug Socket (BMW / MINI)

Burger Motorsports 14mm Magnetic Spark Plug Socket (BMW / MINI)

This special thin-walled socket is needed to assist removal and installation of the spark plugs. Suitable for most turbo BMW and Mini vehicles.


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Product Description

Burger Motorsports 14mm Magnetic Spark Plug Socket (BMW / MINI)

Change Your Plugs Like a Pro!

Everyone knows spark plug changes are suggested every 20k miles or so for tuned vehicles. Everyone also knows turbo BMW / MINI engines require a special thin walled socket to remove/reinstall the spark plugs. But what you might not know is the BMS socket fits like a glove and is only one third the price of an OEM socket! It also includes a strong integrated rare earth magnet to secure the plugs while raising and lowering them in the long bores. Ours will never wear out like spark plug sockets with rubber or metal tensioners to hold the spark plug in. The RIGHT tool for the job makes BMW spark plug replacement a snap!

Beware of cheap replica magnetic spark plugs sockets with weak magnets that will not easily recover the plug from the long bore. The plug falls out of them before you can get it out.

BMS Spark Plug Socket Features

  • OEM quality perfect fit thin wall socket
  • A strong magnetic hold never deteriorates or weakens
  • Fits standard 3/8 drive socket wrench
  • High quality at a super low price
  • Designed and manufactured for your BMW / MINI
  • Excellent addition to your toolbox

Spark Plug Socket Specs

  • 12 point, 14mm
  • Thin walled deep specialty socket
  • Strong magnetic hold
  • 3/8″ drive

Recommended spark plug torque 17 lb-ft or 23nm.

Manufacturer Specified Fitment


• 2007+ Turbo MINI Vehicles
• 2006+ Turbo BMW Vehicles



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