Carista OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner and Customiser for Android and iOS

Carista OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner and Customiser for Android and iOS


Need to diagnose a warning light? Want to activate hidden features and get rid of annoying beeps? Want to have dealer tools in your glovebox? Carista gives you all of that for a fraction of the cost of a single dealer visit.

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Product Description

Need to diagnose a warning light? Want to activate hidden features and get rid of annoying beeps? Want to have dealer tools in your glovebox? Carista gives you all of that for a fraction of the cost of a single dealer visit.

Carista supports a wide range of models by Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, BMW, Lexus, Mini and Toyota.

Get the Carista OBD2 adapter and you will receive:

  • Free 1-month trial of paid app features
  • Compatibility with a multitude of partner apps. See compatibility list here.
  • Support for both Android and iOS


  • Advanced features are only supported on certain models by Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, BMW, Lexus, Mini and Toyota. Please make sure your car is supported before purchasing the adapter. Check your vehicle compatibility here.
  • Purchasing the Carista OBD2 adapter gives you a 1-month free trial of all paid functionality in the Carista app. To continue using these features after the trial expires you must purchase a subscription.

Plug in the adapter

The OBD2 port is usually located under the dashboard.

App connects to the car

Everything happens automatically. Just make sure that your Bluetooth is “ON”.

Control your experience

Diagnose faults and configure settings the way you want them to be.

Carista Features


Basic OBD2 diagnostics 

Find out why your “Check Engine” light is on: Carista shows you a list of the fault codes stored in your vehicle, as well as their meanings. You can also reset the “Check Engine” light.

Advanced diagnostics*

Dealer-level electronic diagnostics (fault code checking and resetting) of all modules in the vehicle, incl. ABS, airbag, and other manufacturer-specific systems.

*For supported models only


Personalisation of comfort & convenience features of the car. Customise your car to your liking and get rid of all those annoyances you have to deal with every time you get into your car. You can even enable hidden features that you didn’t even know your car had!

* For supported models only


Basic service

Carista shows you if your car is ready for Emission tests — that way you can avoid the trip to the testing station before the vehicle’s systems have gathered enough driving data to be ready for testing.

Advanced Service 
Volkswagen, Audi (Supported models only)

EPB retraction tool
Service reset
Launch control counter

5 reviews for Carista OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner and Customiser for Android and iOS

  1. Doinitsideways (verified owner)

    Easy to setup and use. Was a cheap method to turn on a bunch of cool features on my 2018 VW V6 Amarok.

    The added ability to use third party apps for gauges is great. Keeping an eye on volts, coolant and oil temperatures as well as boost pressures and engine load among a few is great when connected to the iPad while I’m off-road.

    Great value for money and the support from Carista has also been great.

    If you are unsure, email them and they will send you a list of customisation which are possible (depending on standard equipment from manufacturer) on your vehicle before you purchase.

  2. captainpain (verified owner)

    The adapter works great, and arrived here in NZ in just a few days. The Carista app does exactly what they say – before purchasing I verified which settings would be available for my car (Audi A4 B8 RS4 Quattro 3.2 FSI V6 tiptronic).

    The only thing I was slightly annoyed at (and I hadn’t realised or seen any sign indication of this at the time) was that in the Carista app, to be able to use the 1 month free trial and actually make any changes to the cars computer settings or unlock any features, you have to sign up (with credit card) for either a 1 week pass or a 1 year licence. You do have the option to cancel before the month free trial is up and not be charged, but it was a bit annoying to have to set up a payment option for a free trial at all. I had intended to purchase the 1 year license anyway, but obviously I wanted to try it first to be certain. It felt like I was committing a bit deeper than I wanted just to get the free trial.

    Anyway I was really stoked with it and all of the options I now had available, as well as error code checking / resetting and clearing the service reminder message after servicing it myself. Also after unlocking the Audi hidden green menu, I had a LOT more customisation options available directly in the cars computer interface on the dash. Even though I had read these would be available, it was great to see it all worked out as expected.

    One of the main reasons I had purchased it was to unlock the hidden menu and features. That gave me access to the ADS system (Audi Drive System) and control over the suspension, engine, gearbox and steering settings. Being able to finally access and adjust these and loads of other settings to my liking was awesome!

    There are of course things in the cars computer that this adapter can’t adjust or access, those require a VCDS / VAG CAN etc USB cable and a laptop, but I was aware of this already and had read that cable wasn’t necessary for what I wanted to do. As long as you do your research first you shouldn’t be disappointed.

    So to sum up – it arrived quickly, worked as stated for my car and was simple to use, as was the Carista app – just be prepared to at least enter your credit card / payment option details to use the free 1 month trial, remembering that you can cancel it before the month is up and not be charged (apparently). It’s well worth getting a 1 year license however, unless of course you just intend to check / adjust / clear a few things and not touch it again after the month is up.

    A suggestion for the team at Carista – it would be great if after selecting your car to check compatibility / available settings options etc, there was also a picture or something to indicate WHERE the OBD2 port / socket is in the selected vehicle, so it’s easier for people to be sure where to plug in the Carista WiFi / Bluetooth adapter. All I could seem to find was in the help section, and it just says “Just plug the adapter into your car and start using the app”. Not super helpful, it would have been a more complete experience if I hadn’t had to Google separately for that pretty vital piece of information, as I’d only just purchased the car and wasn’t yet familiar with where everything was yet. Not too many people will know where the correct port is hidden in their vehicle.

  3. shadowtrail0 (verified owner)

    Item delivered on time and matches descriptions perfectly. Works perfectly in my 2002 Subaru WRX (Australian) in combination with my iPhone 8. Couple with the Carista App for engine fault diagnosis and codes or with Dash for live sensor feed while driving.

  4. chrisc (verified owner)

    Ordered this on Express Post on Saturday. They processed it on Sunday night and posted it at Melbourne on Monday morning. Received it at Sydney on Tuesday which was great timing which I appreciated the most in this order. Thanks!!

    I had the TPMS light on my Lexus which no matter how many times I pressed the TPMS reset button on the car, it went away and came back the next time I started the car.

    Used Carista and confirmed the OBD Code: C2177 Initialization not completed. I then proceeded to reset the TPMS and it has been working flawlessly. Gone were the few months of frustration and uncertainty whether I had to buy TPMS servicing equipment or had the car looked at with $$$. I also used it to customize the car a little bit.

    I agreed with what 5captainpain said, having to commit to a plan before I can use it for a month was a bit off-putting. Otherwise, everything worked great.

    In my opinion, this hardware and app combination is not the cheapest. It is reasonable and “it just works”. Much better than the Torque Pro app in Android which serves as information display only. As far as I know, you can’t use Torque Pro to service/fix things.

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct

      Thanks for the review!

  5. dbiscontin (verified owner)

    OBD Adapter is well built and competitively priced. No issue with quality, delivery times or connectivity. Some of the options in the Carista mobility app could do with better explanations (some options don’t have explanations), and so far, I haven’t found the setting to enable infotainment video playback whilst my vehicle (Octavia vRS MK3) is in motion – my fault for not checking with Carista if this is even possible or not. Most of the options presented in the app can be enabled/disabled via the infotainment screen (Car > Settings) so I don’t believe it is worth me subscribing, and in my opinion the subscription is a little too expensive anyway. I will use the adapter with other compatible software.

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