HPA Motorsports K04 Hybrid Turbo Conversion Kits

HPA Motorsports K04 Hybrid Turbo Conversion Kits

To unleash the true potential of your 2.0T, the K04 turbo that is equipped on the Golf R / S3 is a much more robust choice than the factory equipped IHI (KO3) turbo, which runs out of breath mid-way in the RPM range.


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HPA Motorsports K04 Hybrid Turbo Conversion Kits

To unleash the true potential of your 2.0T, the K04 turbo that is equipped on the Golf R / S3 is a much more robust choice than the factory equipped IHI (KO3) turbo, which runs out of breath mid-way in the RPM range. The HPA K04 Hybrid upgrade offers a higher operational boost range, while still working with the stock components; making for a natural and cost-effective upgrade. This K04 Hybrid conversion allows for a seamless integration, without the need for custom fabrications or aftermarket diverter valves.

HPA has now developed their own high performance K04 Hybrid Turbo conversion that allows the factory K03 diverter valve to be installed in the OEM location, without a CNC port adapter. The HPA K04 Hybrid turbo assembly is one of the most advanced units available, featuring many benefits over the competition, including:

  • All-inclusive hardware kit
  • Cast design for efficient heat transfer
  • Lightweight aluminium compressor for quicker spooling

With a market flooded with poor quality aftermarket clones and modified OEM assemblies, HPA has taken a fresh approach to supplying its customers with a K04 Hybrid Turbo for the Gen 1 and 2 EA 888 and EA 113 engines at an affordable price.

HPA’s K04 Hybrid uses a newly cast compressor housing to incorporate the factory placement of the diverter valve. By casting the housings, the costly CNC adapter and housing modifications are no longer required and the associated costs and manufacturing time are removed from the kit assembly. To ensure a good result at first fire up, each HPA K04 Hybrid includes a new diverter valve representing the latest design updates from the factory. Each CHRA is built to the OEM Quality Specifications, with the individual components of the rotating group balanced on a Schenk Balancer. Once fully assembled, each complete CHRA assembly is balanced with a VSR Balancer. The VSR Balancer is used and approved by leading turbo manufacturers Borg Warner, Garrett Honeywell, and IHI, ensuring a perfect assembly.

To guarantee that the castings, CHRAs and subcomponents would meet the demands of our customers, weeks of dyno testing and months of track sessions were realised across 2015. HPA is one of the only suppliers that has race proven the K04 Hybrid turbo kits. Hundreds of abusive hours were logged as HPA successfully campaigned a pair of K04 2.0T’s in the 2015 Pirelli World Challenge.

Transverse Engine Instructions can be found here.


    • Gain up to 265kW / 470nm
    • Direct Replacement (in most cases)
    • Compact Design Allows for Faster Boost Response and Turbo Longevity
    • Turbo Muffler Delete for Smoother Exhaust Gas Flow
    • Simplified Design for Ease of Install
    • Diverter Valve in OEM Position
    • Block-off plate for PCV system (TSI)
    • Quicker Compressor Spool
    • Higher Output Across the Full RPM Range


As the factory IHI/KO3 runs out of breath at 5500rpm, the performance advantage of the K04 can be maximised by adding HPA’s Cast 2.0 Short Runner Intake Manifold. As the K04 pumps more air from 5500 RPM to redline, the HPA intake will support this demand by flowing 12-24% more air into each individual intake valves set. With the 2.0 Intake Manifold’s 42% larger intake plenum, initial throttle demand will be met with greater volume, allowing your software calibrator to develop more low end TQ. Take advantage of HPA’s race developed calibrations to fully maximise the RPM band of your 2.0T.


The two different layouts simply define the manner in which the engine is mounted in the chassis of your vehicle. A transverse design simply means the crankshaft of the engine is aligned perpendicular to the length of your vehicle as seen in most FWD cars. This transverse drivetrain layout is seen in most modern 2.0L Volkswagen cars on the road today. Longitudinal means the opposite where the crankshaft of your vehicle is parallel with the length of the car, allowing for efficient implementation of RWD and AWD drivetrains. An example of this layout can be seen in most Quattro equipped vehicles.




  Audi A4, A5 (B8) Longitudinal
  Audi A6 (C6) Longitudinal
  Audi Q5 (8R) Longitudinal
  Audi A3 (MK2) Transverse
  Audi Q3 Transverse
  Audi TT (MK2) Transverse
  Skoda Octavia, VRS (MK2) Transverse
  Skoda Superb (B6) Transverse
  Volkswagen Beetle Transverse
  Volkswagen CC Transverse
  Volkswagen EOS Transverse
  Volkswagen Golf, GTI (MK5/6) Transverse
  Volkswagen Jetta, GLI, Bora (MK5/6) Transverse
  Volkswagen Passat (B6) Transverse
  Volkswagen Scirocco Transverse
  Volkswagen Tiguan Transverse


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Vehicle Fitment

This vehicle fitment list has been provided as a guideline only. Please check the product description for exact vehicle compatibility.

Make Model Generation
Make Model Generation
Audi A3 8P
Audi A4 B7
Audi A4 B8
Audi A4 B8.5
Audi A5 B8
Audi S3 8P
Audi TT 8J
Skoda Octavia MK2
Volkswagen Golf MK5
Volkswagen Golf MK5
Volkswagen Golf MK6
Volkswagen Golf MK6
Volkswagen Passat B6
Volkswagen Tiguan MK1

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