HPA Motorsports MQB Dogbone Mount

HPA Motorsports MQB Dogbone Mount

HPA upgraded mounts reduce motor flex to improve torque transfer to the drivetrain, and prevent excessive movement under hard acceleration.


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Product Description

HPA Motorsports MQB Dogbone Mount – VW MK7 Golf / GTI / R, Audi 8V A3 / S3

We stock the latest revision of the MQB Dogbone Mount! (Jan 2018)

HPA upgraded mounts reduce motor flex to improve torque transfer to the drivetrain, and prevent excessive movement under hard acceleration. Shifter engagement is faster and easier and stability is improved.

By carefully studying the dynamics of various durometers of urethane, and putting them through long term real world testing, HPA has chosen the best combinations of materials to achieve a comfortable yet firm result. Please note that in favor of vehicle performance there will be an overall increase to NVH.


  • Urethane Puck
  • CNC Machined Torque Arm
  • Mounting Hardware

3 reviews for HPA Motorsports MQB Dogbone Mount

  1. Dave (verified owner)

    I’ve had the mount installed on a Skoda Octavia VRS MK3 TSI for a little over a week now and in that time I have done abit over 900kms , so it has had time to settle in. I’ll split this review into sections and rate each one.

    NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) 2/10 (with 10 being really bad) As a comparison I would say the 034 dogbone was a 1/10. It does give a little more rigidity at start and vibration when u have your foot on the brake in D (ie at the lights) and when going 1-2 kph. It’s not ridiculous and definately can live with it but should be aware of it.

    Wheel hop reduction – 9/10. I had the 034 insert and that eliminated wheel hop with just a tune. When I got the CTS dp it came back. Now installing the HPA mount it has all but eliminated wheel hop. .

    Performance 10/10 – I am much more able to get the power down to the ground now without it skipping getting traction. Gear changes are snappier and buttery smooth to the point when u can’t even tell now when the car has changed gears – the mount removes all the gear change movement (not that there was much anyways) Throttle response is much improved with a more instant response from the throttle to the engine. Turn in has also greatly improved. Car feels alot more stable around corners, almost feels like I have a front sway bar installed!

    Overall I think this mount is a great improvement for the drawbacks u get when tuning a vehicle – wheel hop etc. This seems to be abit more evident on the skoda octavia rs than the golf mk7 (possibly due to shorter wheelbase?) It really is a huge step over just the insert and imo has made the car now a pleasure to drive with the above improvements. It is a more expensive mod than the insert but definitely is the way to go if ur considering stage 2 or further (tune + dp or beyond)

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct

      Thanks for the feedback Dave!

  2. Jason Barrett (verified owner)

    Well the HPA mount continues to impress!
    While I never experienced any wheel hop after adding the dog bone insert, it has always been a struggle to get the power down with the other mods on the car, changing to the HPA it has removed drivetrain slop I was never too aware of until now (this was evident when under the car being able to move the engine back & forward by hand with the factory mount) gone is the 2nd-3rd bang on high rpm changes, getting the power down from a stand still is now easier & cleaner the transfer from deceleration to acceleration is now seamless making the car a whole lot more fun in corners.
    In a stock car the dog bone insert should still be the very first thing you do, but once you progress power wise from there I can’t recommend the HPA mount highly enough

  3. Luke Brown (verified owner)

    I just installed this on my Mk7.5 Golf R with manual transmission and tuned to APR Stage 2.

    The shifts through 1st/2nd/3rd are now much smoother, less jerky. The car doesn’t lurch forwards during each shift as you lift off the gas. The directness of the shifts and transfer of torque gives the impression of an improved throttle response, and more consistent acceleration through the gears.

    In terms of increased vibration, it’s only noticeable when at idle. As soon as you’re moving there is no additional noise or vibration. Also I’m expecting it to break in over the next few weeks and the vibration at idle should reduce .

    I would really recommend this for anybody who has a manual transmission and is tuned above stock power levels.

    • Staff @ AutoInstruct

      Hey Luke! Thank you for your review. We hope you continue to enjoy it.

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Audi A3 8V
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Skoda Octavia MK3
Skoda Superb MK3
Skoda Superb MK3
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