Burger Motorsports JB4 Performance Tune - BMW N20 / N26

Burger Motorsports JB4 Performance Tune - BMW N20 / N26

Burger Motorsports JB4 Plug-in performance tune for BMW cars with the N20 or N26 Engines.


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Product Description

Burger Motorsport JB4 Performance Tune – BMW N20 / N26

The N20 / N26 JB4 expands upon the popular N20 / N26 Stage1 tune with CANbus functionality. This allows for multiple maps which can be changed in dash, built in diagnostics including code reading/deleting, ethanol support, and much more to come with free software updates.

Remember the JB4 does not require any additional modifications or previous stages. Simply install the JB4 as your first and only modification and enjoy an entirely new fast and smooth racing experience. The JB4 also does not require any user setup or customization but we strongly suggest the BMS DATA cable so you can load free software updates.

Click here for the latest firmware, settings, and directions for the N20 N26 JB4.

Manufacturer Specified Fitment

N20/N26 JB4 Applications

BMW 2 Series:
• 2014+ 2 Series F22/F23 220i / 228i N20 & N26

BMW 3 Series:
• 2012+ 3 Series F30/ F31 320i / 328i N20 & N26

BMW 4 Series:
• 2014+ 4 Series F32/F33 420 / 428 N20 & N26

BMW 5 Series:
• 2011+ 5 Series F10 520 / 528 N20 & N26


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Vehicle Fitment

This vehicle fitment list has been provided as a guideline only. Please check the product description for exact vehicle compatibility.

BMW2 SeriesF2X220i
BMW2 SeriesF2X228i
BMW3 SeriesF3X320i
BMW3 SeriesF3X328i
BMW4 SeriesF3X420i
BMW4 SeriesF3X428i
BMW5 SeriesF1X520i
BMW5 SeriesF1X528i
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