OBDeleven V2 Ultimate Pack – Audi, Skoda & Volkswagen Diagnostics

OBDeleven V2 Ultimate Pack – Audi, Skoda & Volkswagen Diagnostics


OBDeleven V2 is here, now supporting both iOS and Android!

This Pack Includes:

  • OBDeleven V2 Device
  • 12 Month Ultimate Subscription
  • Unlimited One-Click applications
  • Carry Pouch
  • Phone Holder (Magnetic)


Please note: The Ultimate licence will automatically appear in-app when you first connect OBDeleven to your vehicle.

Available on back-order



We have developed various unique applications and for every driver to easily adjust vehicle comfort features, activate functions after retrofits or perform service.



Check on detailed information about the devices that controls a system or subsystem on the vehicle (i.e. Part number, Software number, Coding, etc.)

Perform Long Coding and Adaptions on all systems and subsystems as applicable*
*Only supported on Android at this time



Check information about all vehicles connected with your OBDeleven account: when and what kind of modifications were done. 



Scan control units installed in to your car and get detailed information about them (i.e. Engine, Transmission, ABS, Airbag, Multimedia, Air conditioning, etc.) Clear passive and check on active faults to know what needs to be fixed.



Gauges allow to check various parameters of your vehicle (such as battery voltage, acceleration position, etc.



Check your car battery health: voltage and charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Android application supports all OBDeleven functions.

iOS application only supports scanning and one-click apps at this time. Long coding and adaptions are still under development for future releases. Currently the ‘Pro’ license only applies to the Android version.

For info on model specific Apps check the list here:

Change the way your car behaves just in one click.

We did the coding for you! Activate or deactivate car functions using pre-configured applications – One-Click-Apps. Lots of different applications are available for various vehicles and can be purchased using in-app credits. One-Click-Apps available on your car may depend on the vehicle equipment.

All requested – over 1000 – unique applications have been developed to meet every driver’s needs.

Credits are not included as part of the purchase.

Credits can be purchased in-app.

All Post-1996 Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Lamborghini, Bentley and Škoda models are supported! 

Yes, this version comes with a Pro activation license.

Unfortunately we’re unable to advise specifically what tweaks or adaptations are available for your vehicle. The lists are endless, and different for every vehicle.

You are best to look on Google for lists of VCDS or OBDeleven tweaks. For your convenience, we have some listed below:

OBDeleven has a dedicated support channel for all your needs. Please click here to access OBDeleven Support.

Any modification to your vehicle may impact your warranty. AutoInstruct will not be held responsible for any implications or damages caused by using the OBDeleven device.

OBDeleven can be downloaded directly from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

Yes, an active internet connection is required whilst using the OBDeleven device as it accesses live databases from the OBDeleven servers.

Please ensure your connection is stable and fast for optimal device speed.

Automatically identify vehicle from VINYesYes
Read / clear trouble codes from all control unitsYesYes
Read information about control unitYesYes
Share diagnostic data log via emailYesYes
Observe battery statusYesYes
GaugesYesIn Development
Log connected cars historyYesYes
Engine, Equipment and fault code lookupYesYes
Advanced control unit informationYesYes
Live data / Charts YesYes, No Charts
Sub control units informationYesYes
Security access / Login finderYesYes
Control unit reset (UDS)YesYes
Diagnostic service changeYesYes
Car backup and programming historyYesYes
Trouble code Freeze framePro Licence RequiredIn Development
Coding / Coding II / Long codingPro Licence RequiredPro Licence Required (No Coding II)
Sub control units codingPro Licence RequiredPro Licence Required
Gateway installation list Pro Licence RequiredPro Licence Required
Adaptation / Long adaptationPro Licence RequiredPro Licence Required
Basic settingsPro Licence RequiredPro Licence Required
Output testPro Licence RequiredIn Development


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Vehicle Fitment

This vehicle fitment list has been provided as a guideline only. Please check the product description for exact vehicle compatibility.

Make Model Generation
Make Model Generation
Audi A1 8X
Audi A1 8X
Audi A3 8P
Audi A3 8V
Audi A3 8V
Audi A4 B5
Audi A4 B7
Audi A4 B8
Audi A4 B8.5
Audi A4 B9
Audi A5 8F
Audi A5 B7
Audi A5 B8
Audi A5 B9
Audi A6 B9
Audi R8 First Generation
Audi RS2 B4
Audi RS3 8P
Audi RS3 8V
Audi RS4 B5
Audi RS4 B7
Audi RS4 B8
Audi RS5 B8
Audi RS6 C5
Audi RSQ3 8U
Audi S1 8X
Audi S2 B4
Audi S3 8L
Audi S3 8P
Audi S3 8V
Audi S4 B5
Audi S4 B7
Audi S4 B8
Audi S5 B7
Audi S5 B8
Audi SQ5 8R
Audi TT 8J
Audi TT 8N
Audi TT 8S
Audi TTRS 8J
Audi TTRS 8N
Audi TTS 8J
Audi TTS 8S
Skoda Octavia MK2
Skoda Octavia MK2
Skoda Octavia MK3
Skoda Octavia MK3
Skoda Superb MK3
Skoda Superb MK3
Volkswagen Golf MK5
Volkswagen Golf MK5
Volkswagen Golf MK5
Volkswagen Golf MK6
Volkswagen Golf MK6
Volkswagen Golf MK6
Volkswagen Golf MK7
Volkswagen Golf MK7
Volkswagen Golf MK7
Volkswagen Golf MK7
Volkswagen Passat B6
Volkswagen Passat B8
Volkswagen Polo 6C
Volkswagen Polo 6R
Volkswagen Scirocco 1K8
Volkswagen Tiguan MK1
Volkswagen Tiguan MK2
Volkswagen Transporter T5
Volkswagen Transporter T6