Schwaben Spindle Housing Spreader Tool

Schwaben Spindle Housing Spreader Tool

The Schwaben Spindle Housing Spreader is almost a necessity when installing suspension kits or front shocks in German cars


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Product Description

Many German suspensions hold the strut in a split housing that is clamped tightly around the strut tube with a pinch bolt. Efforts to spread the housing after removing the bolt using chisels or pry bars may result in component damage or personal injury.

The Schwaben Spindle Housing Spreader tool safely expands the split knuckle tube wide enough to allow removal of the old strut insert, and installation of the new one.

Insert the hardened tip of the spreader into the gap in the housing, and turn it 90 degrees using a ½-inch breaker bar or ratchet. This spreads the tube slightly, and allows the strut to be safely removed.

Manufacturer Specified Fitment

AudiA3 8PFWD2.0T
AudiA3 8PQuattro2.0T
AudiA3 8PQuattro3.2L
AudiA3 8PQuattroV6 3.2L
AudiB8 A4FWD2.0T
AudiB8 A4Quattro2.0T
AudiB8 A4QuattroV6 3.2L
AudiB8 A5Quattro2.0T
AudiB8 A5QuattroV6 3.2L
AudiB8 RS5All4.2L
AudiB8 S4Quattro3.0T
AudiB8 S5Quattro3.0T Cabriolet
AudiB8 S5Quattro3.0T Coupe
AudiB8 S5QuattroV8 4.2L
AudiTT MKIQuattro180HP
AudiTT MKIQuattro225HP
AudiTT MKIQuattro3.2L
VolkswagenBeetleGTI1.8T Gen3
VolkswagenBeetleGTI2.0T Gen3
VolkswagenCabrio IIIAll2.0
VolkswagenCabrio IVAllAll
VolkswagenCorradoAllVR6 12v
VolkswagenEurovan T4All5cl Diesel
VolkswagenEurovan T4All5cyl
VolkswagenEurovan T4AllVR6
VolkswagenEurovan T4AllVR6 12v
VolkswagenEurovan T4AllVR6 24v
VolkswagenGolf IConvertible8v
VolkswagenGolf IConvertibleDiesel
VolkswagenGolf IPickup8v
VolkswagenGolf IPickupDiesel
VolkswagenGolf IRabbit8v
VolkswagenGolf IRabbitDiesel
VolkswagenGolf IIAll16v
VolkswagenGolf IIAll8v
VolkswagenGolf IIAllDiesel
VolkswagenGolf IIIAll2.0
VolkswagenGolf IIIAllTDI
VolkswagenGolf IIIAllVR6 12v
VolkswagenGolf IVAll1.8T
VolkswagenGolf IVAll2.0
VolkswagenGolf IVAllTDI
VolkswagenGolf IVAllVR6 12v
VolkswagenGolf IVAllVR6 24v
VolkswagenGolf RAll2.0T
VolkswagenGolf VAll2.0T
VolkswagenGolf VAll2.5
VolkswagenGolf VAllTDI
VolkswagenGolf VIAll2.0T
VolkswagenGolf VIAll2.5
VolkswagenGolf VIAllTDI
VolkswagenJetta IAll8v
VolkswagenJetta IAllDiesel
VolkswagenJetta IIAll16v
VolkswagenJetta IIAll8v
VolkswagenJetta IIAllDiesel
VolkswagenJetta IIIAll2.0
VolkswagenJetta IIIAllTDI
VolkswagenJetta IIIAllVR6 12v
VolkswagenJetta IVAll1.8T
VolkswagenJetta IVAll2.0
VolkswagenJetta IVAllTDI
VolkswagenJetta IVAllVR6 12v
VolkswagenJetta IVAllVR6 24v
VolkswagenJetta IV GLIAll1.8T
VolkswagenJetta VAll2.0T
VolkswagenJetta VAll2.5
VolkswagenJetta VAllTDI
VolkswagenJetta VISedan1.4T Hybrid
VolkswagenJetta VISedan1.8T Gen3
VolkswagenJetta VISedan2.0
VolkswagenJetta VISedan2.0T Gen3 GLI
VolkswagenJetta VISedan2.5
VolkswagenJetta VISedanGLI
VolkswagenJetta VISedanTDI
VolkswagenJetta VISedan Facelift1.4T
VolkswagenJetta VISedan Facelift1.4T Hybrid
VolkswagenJetta VISedan Facelift1.8T Gen3
VolkswagenJetta VISedan Facelift2.0L
VolkswagenJetta VISedan Facelift2.0T Gen3 GLI
VolkswagenJetta VISedan FaceliftTDI
VolkswagenJetta VISportwagen2.0T
VolkswagenJetta VISportwagen2.5
VolkswagenJetta VISportwagenTDI
VolkswagenNew BeetleAll1.8T
VolkswagenNew BeetleAll2.0
VolkswagenNew BeetleAll2.5L
VolkswagenNew BeetleAllTDI
VolkswagenPassat B3All16v
VolkswagenPassat B3AllVR6 12v
VolkswagenPassat B4All2.0
VolkswagenPassat B4AllTDI
VolkswagenPassat B4AllVR6 12v
VolkswagenPassat B54 Motion1.8T
VolkswagenPassat B54 MotionV6 30v
VolkswagenPassat B54 MotionW8
VolkswagenPassat B5FWD1.8T
VolkswagenPassat B5FWDTDI
VolkswagenPassat B5FWDV6 30v
VolkswagenPassat B64 Motion3.6L
VolkswagenPassat B6FWD2.0T
VolkswagenPassat B6FWD3.6L
VolkswagenPassat B7FWD1.8T Gen3
VolkswagenPassat B7FWD2.0T Gen3
VolkswagenPhaeton4 MotionV8
VolkswagenPhaeton4 MotionW12
VolkswagenR32 MKIVAll3.2
VolkswagenR32 MKVAll3.2
VolkswagenScirocco IAll8v
VolkswagenScirocco IIAll16v
VolkswagenScirocco IIAll8v
VolkswagenTiguan 14 Motion2.0T
VolkswagenTiguan 1FWD2.0T
VolkswagenTiguan 24 Motion2.0T
VolkswagenTiguan 2FWD2.0T
VolkswagenTouareg 1AllTDI
VolkswagenTouareg 1AllV6
VolkswagenTouareg 1AllV8
VolkswagenTouareg 2AllTDI
VolkswagenTouareg 2AllV10 TDI
VolkswagenTouareg 2AllV6
VolkswagenTouareg 2AllV6 TDI
VolkswagenTouareg 2AllV8
VolkswagenTouareg 3HybridAll

1 review for Schwaben Spindle Housing Spreader Tool

  1. Lucas Wilcox (verified owner)

    Very handy little tool for when working on pretty much any Euro vehicles front suspension.

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